Permanent harassment

I have someone attacking me like 21 times per day. This harassment
won’t let me level at all, the only way is to attack back to recover my points.
@Flaregames you should put a limit of attacks/day to the same account (3? - 5?). This is too annoying, a waste of time.
I know I’m not the only one with those problems but in 2 years nothing has been done about. It’s time to fix this issue that frustrates a lot of players.
I invite all the players to comment that post.

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Its not right.
Its war game and we should have an opinion to attack everyone u want.
I was under attack and even now have a few guys who attacking me nonstop

But what a reason to care about? Its just a pixels
None attacked you cuz religion, gender or etc. just cuz ur base is weak


I know that it’s quite an unpopular opinion but to be honest i’m getting really
fed up of player complaining to be attacked in an attack/defense game…

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Drop your trophies keep no gold open base… There are many solutions😂 In a war game raiding is not harassment. Its a very important part of game

21 times ・・・ 3X7h .
He’s probably rune hunter ,trophy hunter, medal hunter

• If he is a rune hunter, try to get the hidden treasure harvest to zero on the unit and beast path.
・If he is a trophy hunter, throw away your trophy.
He relocates the subject to another.
・A medal hunter is also possible …Ask the leaders of his alliance to stop assaulting him, or join him in the same alliance if you are free.

Or just skip it and even dont try to care


こんなラブリーな防衛をしているのに|588x485 こんなラブリーな

Cromka… :cry:

I’m worried that there are still few visitors today despite such lovely defense.

There were only" four.”

Let’s say he doesn’t get ANY gold from me, less than 1K per attack, he just do it to annoy, OVER 30 attacks per day, it’s not about having a weak base, he’s just a bully.
He only get 4-5 points , he doesn’t do that to lvl, he just for do it for harassment

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Just open your base for him… Then see how he bully you😊

I agree with teddy. It is not the same as 30 attacks by different players, 30 attacks and always the same player. One goes up and he who goes behind you who is limited, finds a warrior who wins and as that warrior wins, he goes and steals from behind. That means, if one goes up and strives for it, taking time from his free time for the game, after a day of work or study, does not play with desire, since what goes up, there is only one warrior and Always the same, who steals you, what you earn. It is clear that it is a game of attack and defense, but they must be understandable and recognize that attacks or harassment by different warriors are not the same as always the same warrior. At the end of the day, they take away trophies in any way, but psychologically that it is only the same player, it is frustrating. Now my question is the following. Would it affect you, for example, that a single warrior can attack 3 times in a row only to the same player every 24 hours? I think it doesn’t affect anyone. I believe that when this issue is defended, it is because you are stalkers, because I do not see the reason for NOT putting a solution humanely. You could continue making more attacks in a row, but 3 per player every 24 hours. They attack 3, then another 3 to a different one, another 3 in a row to another player, etc … that if it can be done, however … do you see that a player makes 30 attacks in a day to the same warrior ? I am surprised by your attitude, when things are supposed to be done for the good of all and not acting badly. He is not the first who complains about this issue and never defends this issue. Did you like the new version of paralyzing the trophies ensuring that you do not download the trophies in 24 hours before the event? I loved it, it is not the same to compare, but it was the same as frustrating. Defend what is right and not what is wrong. I take this opportunity to congratulate the changes of this new version. Thank you.

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If the raid is limited to three times a day alone, the top members who earn medals will have trouble choosing opponents.

For example, they were oppressed by the previous alliance. And while others have been continually assaulted even after being expelled from them … aside from such issues involving true harassment.

Notice that it is funny to dispute the number of attacks.
Some players enjoy it like a daily greeting.

But that would be the problem for being the best. Being the best has its price. Being the number 1 warrior in the game, he would only pay that price for not knowing who to attack. We are going to set an example of the 20 best players, there is variety so that among them, they only attack in a row every 24 hours. What the best players should do is what they keep doing, which is to stay among the best in the game. It does not influence, they have game, but they would not be. In fact the best players in the game, continue to empower and empower and empower to remain the best. There is variety, so that everyone attacks among the best, without the need of harassment from the same player.

Considering the Diamond League, etc.,If the system limits the number of attacks on the opponent, the top players will not have enough medals to earn.

How many hours do they spend on games, such as dead heat games?
They need the opponent to earn a medal.

I understand you, but you speak of a minority. It is the price of being the best in the game. You are telling this person to get off trophies and he will not be harassed. For the same reason then, that the best of the game also goes down trophies, right? I see harassment by the same player badly. Well, we have already given our different opinions. :wink:

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Friend its not nice despite all here saying “ohhh its ok,its an attack game etccc”…there is big difference of one attacking you 30 times a day & 10 or 30 kings attacking you 30 times a day.none of them would say the same if it happened to them for a week they would be bothered too i asure you.only solution is either attack him too 30 times a day without using gems of course or tell all ur alliance to keep attacking him until he stops,he will get the message

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This man is a Warlike man looking for a rivalry like prey.
If I assaulted him three times daily, every hour he would gladly hit me three times. ( he say that it’s a greeting and sometimes hit me.)

I won’t say to you like this.

But you can be if you want to.

In the sense of the struggle between the Mafia, it is the royal road of the “raid game”.

In other same type of raid games,
Is there any user who writes to the management that “I want you to control the number of raids?”

Simply stated, a mere assault in a raid game is a love for the game.

This is My opinion.

if Flare regulates raids on users while choosing the style of this game, I think the spirit of this game is completely broken.

I think that blacklists can be attached under some conditions.
When they feel depressed or oppressed, they will be treated so that they can play comfortably until they forget the person.

Blacklist is
Except for events such as conquests and alliance battles,
I think it’s good that they can’t interfere or attack each other.

*It is desirable not to be a blacklist that anyone can easily use, but to be issued based on fair judgment such as support.

He did attack me.

And i just login… “HOCDOC attacked me 5 times”… i remember max limit is 3 times.

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The displayed GOLD was good. :heart_eyes_cat:
I can’t stand it anymore on the day I’m looking for GOLD.
Thank you for a wonderful encounter. :smile_cat:

And thank you for putting me on your favorite list. Please come anytime :green_heart:

This is a war game. I don’t think it’s good to limit the number of attacks more than they are – which is 3 times in an hour, I think.

I am only 95 now … but when I was lower level it was really common to be hit multiple times by a person that had dropped trophies for easy targets, hoping I’d hit them back and spend gems trying to beat them. Most of those, I just added to favorites and when I got strong enough, slapped them around myself repeatedly until I got tired of it. That’s the game.

Even now, I find active players to farm by setting up an easy path and giving it a couple of days. Sometimes an entire alliance will attack me repeatedly because they passed the word that I was easy. Then, I flip to my “real” path and go slap them around for several days because I know they’re active, they have gold and medals. Many times they get mad, retaliate and spend gems trying to beat my better path. Again, that’s the game!

Recently, an alliance enemy in Conquest that tried to make a “treaty” with us that we rejected decided to try to knock us out of first in the last 12h. They were in 4th … just wanted to be spiteful and pile their entire alliance onto one of our key towers. We lost the tower, but had other builds cooking, so we kept first. That’s the game! Their attempt to knock us off of first showed me that they were active – great targets for me to farm! So, after Conquest ended, I farmed everyone who hit our tower and had more than 100k gold. I hope they’re saying, “That’s the game,” too! :slight_smile:

Really, I can appreciate that there are a few that want to bully someone. I am sorry that this is happening to you. However, I think it’s too much of a change to say 3 attacks per day. Some of us enjoy fighting back and forth – it’s really why I play. If FG agrees there is an issue with that player, I hope they blacklist the player for you or something … but I really don’t want them to change the attack limits globally!