Persès Tower blessing war can no longer be activated ?

Hello !

I’m Tétanos from the french guilde “La Guilde Fr I” playing into the demi-gods League. Since few days (1 week maybe), the blessing War was finished without possibility to reactivate it…

A new war is starting and the blessing War Persès Tower still can’t be activated… What happens ? Is it a bug ?

Hi Joug,

War Boosts that have run out cannot be reactivated unless you win them again in a War. In this case it is not a bug.

Sorry but I don’t understand how to win a blessing war during a season ? Yesterday we won the war #2 ( demigod League ) and the Perses Tower blessing still inactive.

Do we have to wait the end of the season to get it back ?

If you let it expire, yes. 

Ok ? Thank you !