personal & alliance mail system and alliance forum

It would be good that we could send private messages to other players. Also option to send private message to all alliance members.


Alliance should have small forum for example strategy on war, rules, tips etc.


Also there should read on mailbox, who kicked player, used boost, invited player.


Other good ideas to see: Last time online status(example for alliance leader/generals to see), farm and tavern status(see how much food in farm).


also its very unfair to Windows and windows phone users who cannot get free food. This game should be same on all OS.

interesting ideas.


however if you took the time to search this forum before posting this you would have noticed most of these things have been suggested before! :stuck_out_tongue:

You might be right. I just looked few pages. I found some older topics(last year december) about PM’s but not about forum.


also i just wanted to say my suggestions.

The alliance’s chat is enough, there’s no need for a private message for every member, but the private message for one specific player has been needed since a good time, I guess. 


The forum idea is cool, but it gotta be very very simple.


The information you mention for the mailbox is completely irrelevant, though. I think it’s not necessary at all to know who did what, the only thing that matters there is the action.


The “last time online status” idea is good, that way the leaders and generals can see who are the most active players.


The farms and taverns’ status is very good, too. (already mentioned many times before your post).


And I also think it’s unfair not to have the possibility of free food for Windows users.

I agree in everything you say. Alliance forum and pm system would be great!

If your compiling a list of needed features you missed Global Chat…


Global chat would be awesome for people who don’t want to get on the forums… And it would be a lot more popular, and help new players get good advice on improving…

Exactly…nice idea.

Further I would say if they also include language translator in global chat,then it becomes pretty cool.I mean each and every player set his predefined language in a translator embedded with global chat.and suppose I want to talk to a Korean guy,then I will write message in English and the message is shown to him in korean(which is previously selected by him).by this way we can get in touch with variety of players and exchange our experiences with them.otherwise it is too difficult to communicate with those who do not know English.