Personal Rewards for Exploration of the Conquest Map

I think it would make it feel a lot more like an adventure if you could find personal rewards on The Conquest Map! Such as finding a pot of a million gold!  At my level it really doesn’t mean anything but it would feel cool! You might even find some pearls or an occasional gem!

this idea remember me of a game I play right now since few days. Tactics Ogres : Knight of Lodis. In each map you can find hidden treasure. We have suggest a lots of this kind of idea since 4.0. Glad you bring back the idea. Boss,Monster,encouter fight with surprise monsters or just give more exploring stuffs to do. Why not if some members go on A10 if they win there the victory teams get 1 Million. Its a surprise nobody know where each spot can give. Can be if you go on Z12 and win you can get 12 gems. If you go on AB10 you can get a Uber item and so on…

I really hope one day to see this. Over a year or more many ask for more RPG stuffs. Ignored and never done. Hidden treasure and rewards will make Conquest more interesting. The majority of time I explore maybe 5% of a map. Stay close of the kingdom. If we can have hidden treasure in the map. Maybe some of us can have more fun playing it. If I can obtain gold,gems,voucher,Uber item,etc…I will play it more often and I will be more tempting to explore the map at 100

I say when we have victory with the entire team but can be just when you move you find something. More a solo rewards. Everyone can find treasure on their own map. I go in B13 and can find 30 gems and one of my teammate go in A20 and find 100 vouchers and so on…Can be in team or in solo or both

I love this and it would also give players more reason to enter the Conquest. There are a lot of alliance members that do not participate in the Conquest either because they don’t understand how to play, or because it’s just not interesting enough. In my opinion, you can’t get more interesting than personal rewards. Love this idea

While the idea of personal rewards sounds great and I definitely agree we need it… We also don’t want everyone to just care about exploring the map for their own benefit and not helping fight wars.  I would rather see rewards based on Wars players participated in. 

That’s also very true. Though, exploring the map is still helpful to the alliance, so while this could potentially be a problem, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it

Did you say, GOLD. Oh how Id love to get my hands on a pot of a million coins In these gold-starvation days! ???

I totally disagree.  That’s just making more rewards.  And though more rewards are fine.  That’s absolutely not what this suggestion is about.  I want to explore and find new things.  It would even add new elements to the play such as when a team realized special tile was in their area they might defend it or build a tower there just to keep enemies from getting the benefit. 

Hi Maerique,

This is indeed something on our backlog :grinning:


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Mmmhhh maybe such a thing can only be found in conquered territory ? and in unconquered areas troll caves or swamps with werewolves and witches (doctors) or similar as already mentioned above. it would certainly make this event more interesting — :point_up:In any case, this … I run until I find someone and fight … war makes me no fun! On the one hand boring and yet time consuming on the other hand ? a vicious circle ?