Pet Offers are GARBAGE without Pet Food! SHAME THIS LOTTERY SHAM!

Pets aren’t even remotely as  important as PET FOOD.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on a RANDOM CHANCE at getting a pet you MIGHT (again random chance/lottery) want when THEY ALL SUCK if you don’t have any FOOD!

Pick any pet you already have - level it - and ignore these offers 100% <or> spend the $$$ and get low level pets that starve and suck…


  • complete waste of money, waste of time

  • also uber items are now below the suck, and shouldn’t even be considered in offers… pro league/items have completely ruined the game…




Kaiser is good even at level 5 or 6 and that doesn’t cost alot of pal food.


You have to be very careful when you spend your pal food. Do not lvl up pals that you’re not going to use.

It’s the same with gems, pearls or gold: be careful where and when you spend them. You have to prioritize.

Well, getting a Pal these days seems an elusive daydream anyway. At least you get food consitantly from the chests.

Within my alliance no Pal has shown itself be it from the  free chest you get daily nor form free Uber chests.


Basically getting a Monster Pal to defend  your castle is paid (and gamble) possible only.


Anyhow, I am more then a bit interested in what the future will bring to this game when it comes to the ‘gambling’  bit of paid random drop chests. Recently EA-games got itself in a bit trouble with the Belgium gambling oversight commission with it loot chests in its latest Star Wars game. Even within the Netherlands certain parties are investigating  mobile (phone) games and micro payments concerning add-ons but also chest like loot. 

Yeap, basically they need to force all games 18 yrs if there is any gambling… 

Add in compliance with gambling rules and they will all stop this crap.

Basically they are doing what casinos did before regulation and the reason regulations and age restrictions were enforced, they cannot self regulate.

Sure with free items you can do luck… but as we know luck can be nerfed forcing more gem spend. 

Its sad that many games have dropped to such predatory tactics.

And then you have too ask who is playing the real game ???