Pet Pal Donations

I recently came into a bunch of Pet Pals. I am leader of my Alliance, and lol, the only one in my Alliance.

I went to where it said donate PAL, and I donated them; and there is a progress bar which reads:

Archimedes 3/50 Howl 2/50 Growl 3/50 Bucky 5/50 

so are these pets now in Cryogenic Hibernation awaiting possible Alliance member owners?

or have I put these PALS into a sack, tied it up with rope, and attached a large stone to it, then dumped them into a Virtual Lake?

if I have; sorry PALS.

 if u donate 50 pals u’ll get the beast version for ur defense 

yep, your alliance now has 3 of the 50 needed to activate the pal as a defensive beast.   It will stay locked until you reach 50.  Once you unlock it, it will change.  For instance , you need 50 Tammys to get the Beast, and Level 2 Tammy Beast will cost you 100 pal donations.  

Once donated, they stay with the alliance, even if the player who donated leaves the team.  You can not however, take them with you once donated.

No need to worry about the pals you donated.  They have plenty of oxygen ?