Petition: Add More Level for Beasts/Pets

Since that beast update, everything in this game has changed a lot. Now we must rely on Beasts/pets, feed them to higher(or -est) level, or take higher risk of losing.
Now I feel we need more levels for Beasts/pets, make them indestructible as possible. So no one could beat our bases, but we could beat all bases with ease.

Signed: theRichestKing

Yes, i agree

I vehemently disagree. Beasts are powerful enough now. A person’s defense should not be “indestructible”, nor should anyone beat any base “with ease”, because players with money will pay for that and RR2 becomes an instant pay-to-win. Further, a player should have to work for strong defenses, not just rely on their beast (which is the alliance’s work). 

If this happens I and many others will quit. We’re not going to waste our time trying to compete with players with a vastly thicker wallet. 

Something tells me the OP was being sarcastic/trolling. :wink:

Btw I wonder how many years/thousands of $£€¥ it would take to amass the food needed for the next max level. No wonder FlareHoldings has gone bankrupt, they can’t feed their pals/beasts!

It is already a Pay-to-Win game. Whiners should leave this game, game exclusively only for rich kings like me ")
I love my pets, I hate my beasts/pets dying at battlefield, that’s why we need more level for them, say +10 more levels should be enough to make them near immortal.

Great, this is opportunity, I have thick pocket I’ll buy Flaregames. :grinning:

For sure it was)))

btw i have 7-8 level pals only and its enough.

i dnt want new levels of beasts, but i want have ability to donate my wolfes, now we are have max 10 lrvrl of beasts, and we cant donate pals its strange

Yeah but how would that work? You donate pals above the max capacity and what, when flare ups the max beast level it’s automatically maxed again because of all the pals you’ve donated up until then? You have surplus pals, okay, but where would they be donated to if the alliance donation pool is full? The Interalliance Beast Donation Fund?

It’s not really that strange, you can’t add things to something that has no room left for it. Maybe flare hasn’t figured out what to do in such a case which proves they’ve underestimated you guys’ donation capability. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw is there a max number of donatable pals you can have? Like 20000 Eldraks or whatever. Maybe that’s the new area for competition - who can collect the most of each pal…


every beats have not only level of beast, but also an boost level which depends from totall do ated pals

its mean extrastats, for example +24% now for vl. But we want +26,+30,+40%  and etx

its mean we need donate pals to improve totall count of donated pals

thats reason we asked a way for donate ( i have 130 level and my experience is not stopped, its growing, even i dnt get new levels)


yes i understand many alliances are not rich. And yes i think we dnt need nee levels of beasts now, but i think good way to let us(VL) get our goal- improve beasts boosts level


ps im sure vl have like 1-2 k of wolf,owl, tammy pals to donate. We just ask to allow it