Petition for compensation for players

I played in another free to play game before that had its fair share of botched updates and events. But, the developer of that game would give compensation items for such occurrences and it was a nice token gesture. Its a way of saying they understand our frustration and want to do something for any lost time and inconvenience.

I think a 5x uber pack awarded to all players would send that message. It would be preferable if it could be sent instantly to all players in the game. But if technical issues prohibit this, then adding an additional 5 uber chests to the log in calendar would suffice.

The reasons why I think the players deserve this:

  1. Many players have dropped trophies to be competitive in an event that isn’t happening. Others worked hard to increase their trophies to get to the next tier.

  2. Due to the previous defense boost event, the amount of gold out there has been dismal. The lack of having another event will perpetuate this situation.

The uber chests compensation would help to make up for lack of gold or offer pearls from melting. I think such a gesture would go a long way to helping to forget the event didn’t go as well as planned.

The following was added in an edit.

The above suggested compensation was only meant to address the issues at the beginning of the event that forced it to be delayed. 

In light of crashing issues and the amount of gems that has now been spent, other  additional  compensation should be considered. Some other threads make excellent points regarding where to go from here.


We will take the appropriate measures as soon as the issue is fixed. 

We will keep you updated about any progress. 

I totally agree with you Beavis,

I send a letter complaining about this issue.

RR2 is really very expensive if you whant to keep the pace. And the new ninja event did acelerate the track quit a lot. So if the event fail it means you did something wronge and we pay for it? it is’nt fair. 

We want compensation and 1 uber chest is not enough


I got my 3$ gem chest like usual Everytime they have a new update to support this game.  Very dissatisfied.   But hope they fix it and I agree, token Uber chests would be awesome

Flare will do shit. Everytime they fuck up, the players pay the price, Flare will look into it, Flare will do nothing, peoplw complaining, Aether says she will forward and cant do anything  people keep complaining, thet get ignored, people forger/move on until Flare fucs up again.

Another game I just started playing gave every player 20 bucks worth if main currency for an hour downtime, every other developer knows you have compensate if you fuck up to keep players happy, but Flare just doesnt work this way :slight_smile:

the problem will be forwarded…flare is sorry for inconventence…flare never compensates…flare sucks …game sucks

I bought and spent gems to manipulate my trophies for this event. Now no event. Like WTH! Rubbing salt to my woes, a friend got skulls perk from social uber chest which I couldn’t get from my bought uber chests. Really? I feel like it’s better to stay as a free player. At least you get something better than an average premium player.

Maybe I’m wasting my time posting on the issue but due to the pushback on this one, I’m hoping this time will be a different. But I’m a noob here so I bet you’ll be right.

I have never heard anything back for flare on anything. I have sent E-mail about issue and bugs and never got a reply back. I’m at the point where I’m thinking  on giving up on this game. It taking to much time and Flare refused to make it much easier to play. Very disappointed in the game right now.

Personally I’m pissed, had cancelled some plans with my RL friends on a Friday evening to climb trophies for ruby tier, only to waste my night away when flare failed (as usual - why did I not predict this would happen ?) to deliver as they promised.


Usually I don’t ask for free stuff like some newbies, but honestly flare you screwed up. 


Please give me some loot to amend my mood. >:,(

I’m the same way as you. I try not to beg for free stuff, but Flare needs to make this right. On top of this the ninjas and war will be right after each other??? I have a life outside of this game… Why would Flare think that was a good idea.

I prepared and wait more than a hour (GMT+9 = event start at midnight!) just to get “sorry”

thanks :(((

Some guys already have ninja… what flare gems is doing…you guys are frustrating players more and more everyday… we are tired of complaining… everyday we find a new bug… we waited soo long for ninja event… now it is delayed… you delayed war for ninja event… we paid lots of gold to prolong war boosts… dont know how much money fg wants for this buggy service

I worked hard to be 5k+, what a disappointment…

After all the crashes and bugs, I’m bumping this post up.

You just miss it

Oh, FG generosity is unbelievable!

For all that dozens of thousands of players they compensate that problem with 20 gifts of 2000 gems


And will win those who downloaded the game yesterday and delete it tomorrow lol

And will win those who downloaded the game yesterday and delete it tomorrow lol

That’s been the story on facebook from day one.

Only the events in the forum give the loyal players something.

That’s been the story on facebook from day one.

Only the events in the forum give the loyal players something.