PETITION: To add an option to remove NINJA, GEMS as cash back

Add an option: REMOVE NINJA
Cash Back: 100 gems for each removed NINJA (add another 100 pearls players will be more satisfied)

I honestly think flare will let you pay 100 gems for removing a ninja, instead of giving you those gems. It is very unlikely this will ever happen, flare is a company that can’t live from only air. giving away gems would mean giving away cash.

During all the time I play (more than 2 years now) I never saw them remove a feature, so once you got the ninjas, I expect that you have to accept them.

Other players offered a great solution, only summon them when you click the insta troop button.

Not planning on playing the ninja event this time, so no worries for me.

I’m going to be too busy, but I would love to!  But you need to have like 24/3 dedication to get those uber chests.  It’s stupid they give too little time.  I struggled to get through it even though ever raid was easy you just had to be on that thing and ready to make the next raid quick or you wouldn’t get all 30 in if you wanted to sleep.