Petition to bring back Zombies

The ninjas are awful. I will buy the Zombies if I don’t get max number. I don’t really care how many Ninjas I get. I don’t know how many feel this way, but maybe we could do something.

I’m not a petition type person, but feel maybe we can get Flare to bring them back or at least increase the amount of Zombie events. So I’m asking that we post in this  topic and contact (nicely) CS asking for Zombies over Ninja in event.


like ninjas more then zombies.

seems ninjas  r better in defense

Love the Zombies better for offense.


Thats why better different prize

sometimes zombies,sometimes ninjas,sometimes smtng new

Zombies are obviously much better.


I’m sure they will sometimes offer zombies, sometimes ninjas.


They spent developer times (expensive) to make this levels and units and effects and system and everything. No way in hell that they would only use it 1-2 times a year.


Don’t worry, they will come back.

Zombies are just for Halloween

Maybe evil elves, such in the type of Grinch? :slight_smile:  
On Christmas :slight_smile:
…or BIG BAD SANTA :slight_smile:

…and maybe its end of ninja … He show his face :slight_smile:  FBI, CIA , MI6, KGB and many others know who he is :slight_smile:  they will grab him and put in Guantanamo :grinning:

I think you are right and we will have to wait till next year. But still dislike the Ninjas and only take part because of the alliance, gold, Uber and trophies.  I only see a change up a few times a year. Halloween, Christmas and maybe Valentine’s day only 3 world wide holidays I can think of. If the Ninjas had something like war boosts I would like it better.  

we’ll never know what the future will bring :grinning:

I hated the ninjas - until the first zombies appear. Now I like them both. I like variety. 

I have really enjoyed the current ninja event and think it is tops (in spite of the fact that it is not possible to be a winner without using gems).

I hope there will be other creatures in the future with other new types of events. 


Easter bunny as well.  :rolleyes:

Never know what new stuff is introduced.

I agree for the zombie return

I like the idea  :wink:

Easter would a good time to use Zombies again.  


Zombies are much better and fun in offense. In defense, both are useless.

Flares have invested too much in zombies, think they cannot just throw it all away after this. So think zombies will be back.

Make a troop by season:

  • Ninja : Summer

  • Zombie : Autumn

Sorry guys, I disagree.

I find zombies absolutely useless in both offense in defense. They are just too weak.

Much prefer ninjas. Ninjas can shave the health off almost any troop in a matter of seconds.

Everyone has a different point of view , so share the troops. It s easiest !

  • frosty the icy snowwoman : winter

  • Jenny the poisonous daffodill : spring

You’re playing a different game than me.  Go raid someone in top 100 and see how useless ninjas are defense, they kill 25k health kings in very little time.