Petition to bring back Zombies

Sorry miss read your quote. I thought you said 25k Knights.

Maybe you can see why I’m annoyed then.  Groups of LT’s kill off a 25k health king pretty frequently.  And now we have a group of 5 ninja’s that resist multiple spells cast as soon as they spawn that also kill the same king.  It’s frustrating to hear other players talk about how they do nothing while i’ve had to revive 20+ times in less than 2 days of war.

Oooh spending lots of gems…  guess you re flares favorite.

so you re asking flare to change the game, so you ll spend less gems… my guess, they won t listen???

I see, it should be hardest at the top only, ok makes sense.

Yes indeed, we are playing different types of game. For my type of game the ninjas are almost useless.

Edit: Guess this will need some explanation… We play in different leagues. Let me try to explain:

Due to the boosts we have and the much lower alliance level, the close combat troops are less effective. Therefore I mostly raid with ranged troops. They proceed slower. Ninjas run forward too fast. When I want to shield my troops, need to scream the ninjas back all the time to shield them as well, as the shield has a limited range. Sometimes there is no one left to call back, cause the ninjas start attacking Ogres and Snakes and die super fast. Since for me, the ranged troops are those that determine the outcome of the raid, I prefer shielding them. This is why the ninjas are only a headache for me. Zombies are much slower and are more convenient to shield. This does not imply that close combat troops are useless at our levels. They are very good (especially knights) and using them is an option which many players choose according to the raided base. Although they are not as high level as in the top alliances. Wolves are rarely boosted, as it’s too expensive.

Think your tactics is different. You probably attack with close combat troops (Knights, Ogres, Wolves, Mummy), having them all boosted to the max level in top alliances, it’s very convenient to use them. The ninjas fit this type of army much better, cause they proceed together with the rest.

In defense, when i meet ninjas, they are killed faster than a blink, even with a single Blizz…

So, yes, we are playing different games. You are playing fully boosted in a top alliance and I play in a regular alliance, which fits the vast majority of the players in this game. No need to get frustrated for this.

He is not troubled by offense ninjas, supposedly, it is the defensive ninjas which take out a lot of health in no time. For me, I currently do not care about defensive ninjas, I alone with my king can take them out. Apparently, at the top, the ninjas are deadly.

Yes, probably. At the 5000+ tier they are high level. At my level, they only tickle a bit…

Zombies are much worse than Ninjas. They deal a lot more damage. Here is an example of so many Ninjas just walking by and only one single zombie has ruined my kingdom:


See your suitcase… it s GREEN… i knew it… green is the new black…


Wrong again, it’s my GF’s suitcase. Mine is same but blue color. Green is captured better on camera sensors. This is why we have used it.

The zombie has black clothes though… Hmm… It should have been green…