PETITION to rework the Skull-Bonus-Pool feature !

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since few days devolopers released this new Skull Bonus Pool for the War System to revive the losers alliance, but unfortunately the did it wrongly. Probably they created this new mechanism becaused it needed to be related to the Magic Chest system since they thought that since we can’t get the magic chest only doing normal skulls they added this new Skull Bonus, maybe thinking that introducing this people could do 100k skulls in every War Season. Yes, sure… -_-

However my concept is that if an alliance is losing, is losing and stop ! It shouldn’t have other way win again, but with this system everyone can take revenge continuously doing a win and lose win and lose alternatively between alliances (also between alliance with little different of members and also between alliances with same members/fiefdoms, etc)

I heard lot of disgusting attitudes from players along facebook group, blog, chat in-game to this new system because it’s literally go against everyone, there are no winners no losers. Because as i said it’s a continue win and lose. If there are 2 alliances close together in the War Map be sure that they will do a win and a lose since the first day alliance A attack alliance B ► A wins, B loses ► B get skulls bonus so the next day A lose, and since A lose it will win against be again and so on to the end of the war season.

It’s really ridiculus this new thing ? Why you add this, i don’t know, we asked only better rewards, maybe we misunderstood among us (developers and players)…


Now i’m talking seriously directly to devolopers, please remove or rework this system because most of us as you red in recently topics or heard by other people aren’t able to do a peaceful war because we know that we can go from first place in 4th place in a war with this new skull bonus, because everyone want to lose and get the max skulls bonus in the world to arrive first. And maybe a weak alliance win against a strong alliance only because of it. Why it should win? Upgrade your alliance level, reclute new active members and you could win ! But with this method seems like a cheat versus other alliances ! So please remove this system also because from what you posted in the  original thread about the war improvements, i didn’t understand what are this percentage that come from nowhere…i would like to do a tutorial about this but probably i will wait, i’m not sure it will stay alive this Skull Bonus so long…


Thanks for your patience on reading this,



Tbh I like the idea since some alliances just don’t wanna participate in the war but once they have 0-1 fiefdom left they attack and get a crap ton of skulls for chests, and I’m interested if it is better or worse…so I’m pretty much waiting for a video from either you or flothaboss

i don’t fully hate this skull bonus pool, but i think the math behind need to be rework. 


there should be an upper limit that an alliance can get via this skull bonus. Say at most 4% or 5%. 

Giving everyone like 8% skull bonus already means every one is 1st lvl champion. 

I like that they try to switch things a little bit. It might change one war, but the next one you get the bonus yourselfs. I agree one percent each war might be a bit much and they need to tweak it somewhere, but I like the idea!

I’ll copy here what I’ve said in another thread: (


Flare, can you explain the purpose of this new skull bonus system ? Why did you introduce it ? What for ? I would really like to understand. For me it it’s ridiculous, really. On a 5th war a “loser” alliance will have a ridiculously high skull bonus and basically will be an alliance full of champions.Ok, it could make some sense if we are talking about a really strong alliances vs. weaker alliances but not when two alliances are more or less the same level, each additional skull bonus makes a huge difference.


What is more, why during the first battle between two alliances one of them has a big advantage at the start ?. This is nonsense. If you came up with this system and want to keep it here (really don’t know why but ok), at least you should change it that way that if alliance A loses a battle to alliance B, alliance A should have an advantage next war only against alliance B, not any other alliance.


Additionally, in my personal opinion, I don’t think that skull bonus should stack after each war day  so that on a 5th war a “loser” alliance can have additional let’s say 10 % of skulls. So if alliance A lost a battle on a first war day, let them have their skull bonus on a second day and if they win -  on the 3rd day they won’t have a bonus anymore but if they lose -  they will only have a bonus from the day 2, not from the day 1 and 2.


This system doesn’t really give a chance to a weaker alliance win against the stronger one. If one alliance is noticeably stronger, they will win anyway. This system only rewards losers for being a loser. If there are alliances more or less at the same level the stronger alliance (or I should say the one who invested more money and time - more dedicated alliance) is punished but the losers are rewarded and win in the end. Flare, wake up and fix it before next war season, please !

I agree that it should be modified not removed.


In our current war VL were fighting SK. SK won a few fiefs from VL whilst VL moved across the board in the other direction. So they attacked us NATO. when they attacked us they had ~5.4% bonus or whatever it was. Now, I agree maybe if one alliances keeps attacking the same alliance, then the losing alliances should maybe get a boost to help them not keep loosing to the same opponent, but when they face another opponent they shouldn’t get that bonus. Given that they are in theory stronger than the new alliance already.


This is when the boost doesn’t work.


BTW, gg to VL and epic battle. Well fought. Not seen scores that high in a single battle before. but without the additional bonus we would have been ~ level and that might have changed the dynamic of that battle.


I also think the way it should change is to reflect the relative strengths of an alliance vs another. ie if 3 Alliances (A, B, C) when A fights B, B gets X% and when A fights C (the weakest) it gets X+Y%.

Based on total king levels or trophy levels etc. or some method to calc how much boost should be given. it should not be the same boost for every alliance.  


Its just an extra helped designed to help VL obviously, funny how the game rotates around them, mercs give them problems >> restrict them, they lose in wars when based on fiefs >> don’t base the league on fiefs anymore, they can’t win against stronger alliances >> give them skull bonus for thier losses. Predominantly German team … German game publisher … I wonder!!!

:slight_smile: not sure its for them… it just happened to work out that way in this circumstance… its more to address the strength of alliances in different tiers and to help those alliances get some fiefs per war and to keep people interested.


For example we are fighting Hello Korea atm. They may be on balance weaker based on king trophies, but they now get the bonus to make this current battle a good fight. In this circumstance its fair…

lol the first season isnt over yet and there is the first remove Petition…

Lets wait some seasons before complaining. Nobody can certainly say that it is good or bad at this time.


That will be because flare will take some time to react to the idea, the concept is good, but it needs some serious reworking at higher level leagues.


Lol, yes, you can certainly say if it’s good or bad if you are negatively affected by this system. It’s need to me reworked, maybe not removed completely but reworked.

On the other hand, this system force players to even grind harder than usual. That  wasn’t requested by most of the players. We wanted Flare to balance wars that way that we won’t have to grind so much, to have much more fun from playing in wars, we got someting opposite.

Now at Alliances that are not so different in strength u cant exactly say which alliance will win and which will lose at the beginning of a season.


That is a good Thing.


So you think the weaker and worse playing alliance should win then??? If an alliance beats another alliance they then pay a forfeit, ahh right … so in real life a boxer who wins must have his hands tied behind his back in the next fight, right, that’s a good thing in your book?

I found some difficulties in this current war season, (leaving aside the fact that we are against an alliance with 52 members and we are in 39…) the most nearby alliance is czech alliance however we have just do what i said in my thread win and lose alternatively only because of this skull bonus that help so much the alliance for each member. Champions and Shield were good enough but this skull bonus is a new copy of champions and shields feature.

Ok, maybe i can understand that since they have introduced this new thing, 99,9% can’t be deleted only because has been announced definitively, i don’t like the fact of share bonus (is it correct?), because an alliance could take many advantage if it loses and in the same time other alliances loses and share their bonus (you talk about shares devolopers, right?)If it is like this, that a big problem. So maybe a rework as most of us said (even if i don’t like, however it’s my personal thought only because there are already enough things in the war mechanism) it needs a change.

Probably was better if you simply gave a +1% skull bonus to the loser alliance without the share thing. and also a not-accumulate skulls bonus but only for the next war could be good.

Off topic but related to this war patch: why there isn’t a button to see what skulls bonus the other alliances have, instead i have to wait to “declare war” clicking on the “?” the see the bonus (and only in this way)? 

with this new sucking skull bonus system, flare exhausts lots of players, this game is losing its fun factor, force players to become skull grinding machines. it sucks out everything gud from this game and from our real life.

(let me cut and paste my comment here)


Let me show u the math behind this scary skull bonus , (i would say this mainly affect war between strong alliances) 


Now assuming we hv an alliance A : 50 members, each of them can make 200 bonus skull (in average) 


B = bonus, R = raw 


B = R x 2% 


Now if one alliance get 6% bonus , how much is bonus gain in average ? 


B = R x 6% = 3x(Rx2%) = 600 


So if each member if in average only earn 200 bonus, with 6% they can get 600 bonus (which is 400 extra). 


50 members ==> original total bonus = 200x50 = 10k 

===> new total bonus = 600x50 = 30k


difference = 20k skull 


Im not even sure if flare realise the math behind this is or not. But if two alliance is equally strong, at 6%, they already can get triple the bonus.


I suggest bonus should max at 4% which is double. Beyond that is kinda ridiculous.

Skull Bonus is GOOD , definitely a very good job done by FLARE GAMES developers. No need to remove anything. Keep it the way it is now  :slight_smile:


But yeah after making back to back 12k skulls this season I got back pain . Certainly spoiling our Private time. Yeah can cause health issues for sure like Hand pulls, blood clots, Back pains and if more and more play it leads to nervous problems also.


If anyone want to sue FLARE, you can otherwise it is some earning trick made by FLARE  :wink:

Yes indeed, today i died in almost every base due to fatigue and back pain. At the age of 23 this game made me cry. I am fit but yet got back pain for slightly bending and doing 200 wars for 12k each in 2 straight wars