PETITION: Unfair War: New Skull Bonus System

… Alliance A (A) started this running war with 64 fiefdoms (us)
… Alliance B (B) started this running war with 67 fiefdoms (opponent)
… Equal rivals for top-10 war. (B) had/has more fiefdom than (A)

DAY 1:
… (A) won 2 fronts, including the front vs (B) by 11k skulls
… (B) won 1 front & lost 1 front from (A)

DAY 2:
…(A) vs (B) again. (B) got advantaged from that NEW DAMNED SKULL BONUS MULTIPLIER (dunno how to count the multiplier) and got +3.4% from 1 lost (from us) -> 5.4% LB (hah?!)  * see 1st attachment, taken at last 2h before previous war ended
… (A) lost from (B) ofc by 4k skulls, thanks to FG new damned loser bonus!
… (A) won 1 lost 1. (B) won 2 fronts

… (A) vs (B) again. (A) got only +1.8% LB -> 3.8% LB (hah?!).
… (B) got ‘DECREASED LB’ to only 3.0% this time (hah?!)  * see 2nd attachment, taken just now

No one aware of this new stupid LB calculation DURING WAR , only I noticed of this NEW !@#%^&\*! SKULL BONUS MULTIPLIER just now FG HAVE TO REDEEM OUR LOST, IT'S YOUR NEW !@#%^&*! SKULL BONUS THAT MADE US LOSE!** :angry:

This new system is very strange, i can tell it seriously. 

Its make clear- to win map- u need immidiatly attack highest fiefs owner and lose) 

The Skull Bonus Pool is stupid itself, it should be removed.

An unfair system make unfair the full map.

If your alliance is too much far away from a top alliance you can not compete with the alliances of your same low level because “you can not be blessed” by the huge lb from a top alliance. Your alliance will keep losing against alliances of your same level because, in fact, you are penalized with your lb meanwhile the others alliances, close to top alliance, keep getting higher loser bonus from the top by losing.


I don’t know what Flaregames was thinking about when created this new system.

They have to quit d!cking around with the minutia and scrap the whole Alliance War System and start again!


“Well we didn’t have time to work out the minutiae of the plan. This is what we get for acting altruistically!”

^ Every time I see this word…

But to the point, wars are fun when they require strategy. The best strategy should win, not whoever has the most luck with starting placement or whoever happened to lose just enough times for just enough skull bonus to beat some team that otherwise should’ve smashed them. Revamping the war system, the whole system, is a necessity. The game just isn’t fun anymore. 

We should boycott this war, everything is already a mess now. IMO no one expect we’ll get this crappy system when this current war started. That’s why we create this petition against FG, not against our opponents.

I still don’t understand, even after reading FG’s long BLAH-BLAH-BLAH about that new skull bonus.
How could opponent get that many +LB after lose only 1x (day-2)?
Then how could their ^WAS ENORMOUS LB^ suddenly DROP at next day (day-3)?
How could we get less LB than that ‘WAS ENORMOUS LB’, after 1x lose (same both of us lost 1x, day-3)?

FG should CANCEL CURRENT WAR since ‘damage’ already been done, also REDEEM OUR LOSE (we all spent plenty GEMS & GOLDS & TIME for WARS)
We don’t mind to start new war again next week, as long as the skull bonus system FAIR, just use the old one.
@JanKF @Lisa @Pete
 @FTB @Felix @Nikko @Jack @Jona @flaretara @Andreas

instead of deciding LB on the basis of fief and defeat difference (during war). They should better decide on the basis of how much SP the other team has. If the opponent has 10% more sp than there should be an increase of 0.2% in Lb (its there duty to calculate how to keep balance. Mine is just example). At the same time the LB should not allow the loser team to take over the winner at any cost(winner is winner because they r better). If winner has 100% sp, the loser should not have more than 85% sp even after LB. It may bring the strategy factor in the war. Also LB should be given only against that team against which they have lost. 

A system is also possible where there is no lb. Instead certain amount of sbp(skull bonus percentage) should be added at the start of war.( different against different team). No increase in bonus even if u lose continuously , u were given parallel opportunity at the start. 

Note: There is some flaw in every system. Like teams will forge sp after war. So its their duty how to fix such problem. May be freeze forging of sp once war starts. 

 The devs need to elaborate this new skull bonus system more! We deserved better explainations! @flaretara @Nikko @FTB

They splitted all top alliances this war, they are try understand does this new LB system good or not?)

lol we want a new redesign of the Wars since many year and what they give is a new skulls bonus system.  priceless really. Ask for a banana and they give you a apple. Really just Flare to do this. Never saw that before  

Dear Mid-rank alliances,
Don’t celebrate too early, FYI this new skull bonus system is not on your favor at all.
See this fact for example, new skull bonus at war day-4.
Compare between:
The Bright Blue emblem ally (lower rank ally, never won) LB=4.0% --vs-- The red emblem ally (higher rank ally, win-lose daily) LB=11.1%
… proven this new skull bonus sucks for all of us, except for mid-rank (around top-20s) allies perhaps?

Nope, certainly NOT. It’s really bad if LB is measured depending on skull gear, can’t punish alliances for having more sp, and anyway SP forgings have long cooldowns so freezing doesn’t work.

With this change, my interpretation is: 1. Top Alliances with 120 fiefdoms - No major changes, but probably an outside chance for 70-80 fief alliances. 2. Growing Alliances with 70-80 fiefdoms - Affected, they generally won’t be able to rule the map against top alliances, because they are top alliances :stuck_out_tongue:

Definite new Skull Bonus system failure, fatal mistake, error 0x7, may lead to BSOD, FG must reformat this crappy system.