pffff change name to bugrevolt ?

another thing that i have problems with for some time now . i notice other players also have that .

during war i test a player outside war to know if i can take it ,

i test one and i dstroy him with realy 40 secs left.

right after that i do another raid in war and i am halfway and just 25 secs left ???

same setup, same playstyle , same timing etc ,

it looks like some flare dude is turning buttons in the background . realy this is crap. next day its normal again and i go through it like butter .

this is verry anoying … when a base is hard or easy thats ok , but not hard easy hard easy hard … its different each time , i tried it on my own base . nothing changed also there i have that problem. so its not that a base goes from verry weak to supper strong in just a minute . thats impossible ,

i also found when enemy attack me in normal raid, he got 60%, then 100% right after that in war battle.

something is different in war battle vs nomarl battle.

aether, or someone in staff, can you please explain?!



I’ll have a look into it as I don’t have technical information, but I am not aware of anything special concerning base difficulty change.

I noticed the same.

Tough bases, I usually test out of war, before attacking in the war.

I am not getting valuable Information, when beating a base outside war.

Beating a base with ease does not mean, that I am able to beat that base in the war.

Sometimes, the difference is huge!

yes and its getting worse , it would not surprise me that flare has a system where people try easy base and flare make it harder sometimes to let people spend gems . the game is all about gems now its worse every time

I’ve seen this too, but mostly in a bad way, let’s say I defeated a guy with just 10 secs left, the second time I’ll maybe lose terribly, and it will stay like that all the other times, so once I lose to a player I know I won’t defeat him anymore, and it’s just how Harry describes it, the exact same strategy, gameplay, units and spells but still the difference between both raids is enormous! That’s impossible! (but it does happen).