Phishing my RV2 personal information

Some forum user named “Lisa” send me an email via flaregame forum asking all ingame info (ign,gems,join date etc) in order to fix my “dungeon crash” issue…

I think “Lisa” account has been stolen by someone ! She’s a moderator.

I heard about this from a friend ! So it’s a bit scary now, neither of mods we can trust at all if people stole their accounts !

I hope nothing happen to her honestly !

She helped me fix my dungeon. Im using lumia 1020 and now i can enter dungeon… she send me pm too. I just follow her instruction and answer all the guestions… in less than 5 mins (maybe 2 mins) after i did what she said, she told me to go online to test the dungeon. And im glad its fixed :grinning:

Really now… I got a message asking all my ingame info to fix a what seems to be global bug… That’s phishing and I doubt its official support :stuck_out_tongue:

Something is going wrong, why she should ask how many gems you have if the problem is the dungeon bug ???

So do you really think that Flare Games will let someone else using an account representing their COMPANY?. Boys get real for once.

 Man if you want your bug fix get in touch with Lisa.otherwise forget it.They have hundreds of people to get fix this bug who has time to read your questions and show you ID in the forum ? Are you serious? 

Oh sorry some magic man knows that you are playing RR2 and you have a bug. And guess what he wants to steal from you your GEMS…yeah I thought so.

If Flare just wants to check if something is wrong with an account, they should only need the IGN.

Should they get the wrong IGN that wouldn’t be a problem, as they’d just fix someone elses problem (who surely wouldn’t complain!). So, theres no need to verify the owner.


But on the one side even posting here on the forum to NOT share your account details and at the same time asking for exactly this data (when it doesn’t seem to be needed) DOES seem at least strange…

It was real Lisa.


I contacted with another administators.


Somehow Lisa do a stupid thing, and began asking credentials without explanation.


they offer to remove the game, reinstall, they will transfer account, and start working a dungeon. So all data need to confirm that it’s your accountI also thought that hacking


You’re right!!!

Hey people. Why no be a bit cautious here?

I do not know the forum operators since I am new to forum. “Lisa” was just a username to me. And the message came after I posted to “dungeon bug” post so any forum user could send me this message knowing my forum name and my issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m going to sent my info to Lisa :slight_smile:

(it’s gonna take sometime to figure the join date. Any tips on how to find out?)

Estimated month i think will do…

Hey there,

sorry for the confusing message.

Thought everyone who has the dungeon bug, would read the “Dungeon Bug” Thread.

We need these questions to verify your account.

If I would only ask for your ingame names, you could get the account of every other player cause I can’t control it.


Hope it is a little bit more clear now. :slight_smile:


No harm. It was all like… “whoa , a user I do not know asks all my info”. I 've replied with the info. Hope there will be progress with the dungeon fix.

(I wonder… since I’ve sent my last online time, can I relaunch the game now? Would this count as a new online time?)

You can relaunch the game, maybe I have to ask some informations again.

Hope I’m able to answer all questions untill tomorrow…