Phoebe and other pro beasts

Phoebe is still too hard to face sometimes. It would be very helpful if you knew beforehand that the opponent is using a pro beast by changing the color of the beast indicator in the mini-map.

If pro - in blue instead of green. :slight_smile:

We have ask that before. To show in fight screen the beast the player have but I guess if Flare don’t want to add this its because player fails and use gems to resurrect. So if some are empty in gems they will buy the small gems package. So everything who touch money will not be change.Sorry

So Over the phoebe, she is nothing more than a gem sucking cow. The player should be able to choose if they want to battle opponent with pro beast? 

Nope, since everyone will chose the option not to fight the (pro) beast, unless fighting the (pro) beast gives a clear advantage (more gold or xp). When not fighting the beast, would it also mean to exclude the pal?

It depends also on base design how hard the beast is and with what kind of troops you raid. When beast appears in adjacent lane, you can say goodbye to non ranged troops, I have seen my ogres been slaughtered, before they could even reach phoebe beast. Then it’s hard to get the beast down, with no ogres remaining. 

when I was raiding with ranged troops (without boosts), phoebe killed all ranged troops before they could even do serious damage to him. It all depends on the situation. If you are able to run forward and are able to keep moving that beast away from his healing circles, it’s down pretty fast. Having said that, sometimes too many healing circles appear and the beast just keeps healing itself and that should be prevented. When he casts a new circle, the old circle should disappear, but that’s my opinion.

I think main problem is we don’t use the right set of spells. I most times don’t raid with toxic cloud and that can help a lot getting phoebe down. It slows him down and in the meanwhile your troops can take measures to beat it. And for using the right set, it would be handy to know what beast we face. Knowing that a phoebe awaits me, I would take out one of the spells and replace it by toxic cloud. Maybe a top player can share his knowledge with us and tell how he beats phoebe beast.

I’m no top player, but what I do is play “Push the bear into the knights swarm”. I use knight, Cannon, Wolf, and my spells are shield/fire/bliz (Not really using them against Pheobe). When Pheobe is near, I go ahead of my knights and I use my scream, Then I push Pheobe in my knights. Basically, every knight hit pheobe as I push her/him trough them. Sometime my cannon at the back fire on it. Also I spawn a lot of cannon when I get the message that the beast has appeared. I’m not trying to kill it that way but rather slow it and stay at the same location so it d’ont come and destroy my troops too early.

Tried that often, but problem is that knights die by first damage that phoebe deals, so sometimes also no knights remaining to do damage. I think it’s the shield that makes your knights survive, I nowadays raid with three offensive spell, that may cause the problem.

Toxic Cloud is always great vs beasts, especially Phoebe, slows down the initial attack and buys time to kill it quicker. And just watch out for a wolf behind the Phoebe. ??

Phoebe beast as every other beast is hard only if it come in right place and with right wave.

else its very very very eqsy to kill by: archers, paladins, monks( with blunt damage).

KK AND mrachmouck are right. I follow this too.

go ahead of troops( be careful, you need the full health) and push wolf/phoebe into the army. Easy kill.


the main tip about beast is you need tobe very smart with timing. Sometimes better to push your army back and wait until beast will come in a right place.


I just let Aska (thanks Putin) spwan Archers and Cannons around Pheobe at the Problem is gone in a Second.

Beating it is not the issue. There are many ways to handle it. In fact weak defenses with Phoebe make the best targets to favorite. The problem is when you are wearing a weak armor cause you may be raiding for gold and such a powerful beast shows up with no other indication.

Sins you don’t know what kind of pal you’re gonna meet, it’s impossible to know which troops and spells to use. I find Phoebe way to hard to meet .