Phoebe beast is a mandatory element of protection! Are you sure you won't change it? How long will it last?

The question is addressed to the official representative!

As before, 9 out of 10 attack in defense of Phoebe beast (level trophies approximately 3000-4000)! I don’t care if someone kills him in a few seconds or never gets past him. I think a lot of players don’t like monotony!

Many of course don’t want nerf, they just feel sorry for the spent efforts. But this happens with all the things and objects in the game, why are you afraid now?

August 21, you wrote: You are correct that Phoebe needs some adjustments. We have just issued a statement about an upcoming balance change.

UPDATE: Postponed Phoebe defense beast - upcoming balancing changes - You closed without any outcome.

Do you give a guarantee that this imbalance is made intentionally and will last a long time? Or do you intend to eliminate the imbalance in the game?

Hello Delllux,

We are still watching Phoebe closely. We decided to give the community a chance to discuss this originally planned balancing change with us in advance. After a clear feedback from the community, we have decided to postpone the change. I cannot answer your questions directly. Once I am aware of more changes or updates, I will let you know in the forums.

Thank you.

While I agree it can be monotonous to face Phoebe almost every time you attack, the monotony is not the problem. The problem is the toughness of Phoebe himself. I personally don’t have much trouble taking down Phoebe at my level, but I’m sure it gets harder in the higher tiers. Still don’t know if it’s worth a nerf as most higher players are still using the Howl Beast

Many players did not realise Howl has been nerfed too.  I agree the monotony with Phoebe is not desirable. But it does not need to be nerfed. It is at least a Beast the whole alliance had to work for. So, another good Pro-Beast which is achievable for an alliance would have been the natural evolution in this game. But unfortunately this possibility was destroyed by introducing the ridiculously priced nemesis. 

Hi Guys and Girls,

First, I would like to apologize ahead. Knowing many players here will hate me for taking this extreme position against any beast overpowering like Phoebe at present. The reason is that they all have paid heavily for buying phoebes from the store for their alliances. Nobody wants his cash investment to become useless.

Monotony is a symptom. Very heavy and crucial one, but it is not the problem. The “no need” for gaming skills is the real problem. Big time. That’s why the game eventually becomes boring and players quit.

Think it’s about time to put this outrageously unbalanced issue to a solution. Phoebe is so overpowered, that players don’t need to plan, think or gain any strategy, knowledge, upgrading,  forging or other defense skills in this game. I have encountered so many bases from top-alliances with a disastrous defense. Some of them anyone could pass almost king alone through most of the base, but then always an overpowered never-dying Phoebe appeared and the raid was over. This is easily checked when that certain player switches to other alliance which doesn’t have phoebe. He becomes a super easy prey for almost anyone.

Let’s talk straight: Flares tells us nice stories and fairy tales about their “discussions” of Phoebe. The only discussion there looked most probably like this: “Does it bring a lot of cash now? Yes? Then no further discussion needed! Tell the forums we have decided to postpone the balance correction”. Period.

Flares have decided to leave this beast as is from one reason only - Greed. Instant cashflow expectations always ruin common sense and proper long-term strategies and marketing planning. Phoebe overbalance makes players pay cash for extra pro tickets. Others use scrolls/gems to kill it, cashflow again. Game is dying? Who cares as long as the cash is still coming in. Shortsighted strategy.





I know there is a Flares morals-police going through the forums and executing all the bad guys like me who express their opinions, so please kill me if you like. :slight_smile:





This. Well put.


WhEhere did you meet the phoebe on the top bases? Useless beast which dying in 2-3 sec

Looks like you were not able to read what he wrote:

Nowhere he mentions top bases. No clue why you have such a fixation on top bases. Nobody cares about them. Nobody with a little self esteem left would brag about being the best player in a P2W game. Total useless. 

Phoebe still useless .

paladins,arch rs,knights kill it very fast

nobody its u? I care about the top bases cuz its only interesting for top players,not this paper middle or low bases.

phoebe is still useless and better they will increase the strength of pro beasts

I didn’t even spend too much on Phoebe, donated only 2 til now, and I’m not investing any cash on them. So, at least for me, it’s not about that.
What I don’t want is to see one of the only useful beasts in the game being nerfed just because it’s working.

Celestial Phoebe can be very very powerful when we are using the wrong stuff or making mistakes, but it can be easy and inoffensive on the same scale when we use the right stuff and play correctly. It’s just a very unique beast.

So to me, this situation is like if someone would come here asking to nerf Awakened Aki, because it keeps stealing their whole army   That’s how the beast works, we just need to use the right strategy against it. So it would not be a request for balance but to make the beast stop working as it’s intended to be. Players are making mistakes and expecting to win… against a Pro beast!
BTW, Awakened Aki is the perfect example here, as it was nerfed not for being overpowered but because a lot of players didn’t know how to deal with it correctly, and now no one uses that defensive beast anymore.

The monotony is present on every aspect of the game: it’s the same towers, same units, same paths… The beast just catches our attention the most because there is only 1 there. If we could use only 1 tower or 1 unit to defend our bases, it would be more noticeable too.

Disastrous defenses turning into decent/good defenses when joining top-alliances is nothing new, nor directly related to the beast. Joining a top-alliance increases the strenght of everything on a base with more/higher level boosts for every unit and building, and higher level beasts. So if you have issues with defensive beast you’ll just notice it more on that situation.
But a base that anyone could pass almost king alone becoming a defeat only because of Celestial Phoebe? Sorry, but it sounds more like a situation of mistakes being made than a nerf being needed.

Just sharing my point of view 

Hello guys,

the original posters question was answered by me. Then this thread is the usual:

  • accusing Flare of being greedy and lying (whoa how original!)

  • attack of the forum rules being enforced (classic!)

  • attack of another forum user who has a different opinion

If this thread goes anymore downhill from here, it will be locked. Last chance.

Thank you!


You’ve been following Phoebus for almost a month.Is it not enough to listen to all opinions? Maybe you should find some free testers from the players? Perhaps this will speed up your decision-making.

Very often, instead of a simple Yes or no answer, the answer gives no information. It turns out there is no stability in the game. And when there is no stability completely lost the desire to make any investment in the development of the Alliance and the characters.

It is also worth considering that the larger alliances had reserves and enjoyed all the advantages over innovations in the game. Emerging alliances are no longer available. It becomes almost impossible to compete.

I hope your observations will bear fruit and static characteristics prevail over constant changes.

The problem with the original proposal was that the change was affecting only the lowest levels of Phoebe. This was a pretty clear indication that Flare doesn’t want to disappoint alliances with the highest level of Phoebe, i.e. top alliances.

I said it back then and I say it now: this is a discrimination.

If you touch Phoebe, touch it for all of us (allies).

phoebe is only a problem when your dmg is lower than its heal puddle and your troop have lower hp than its aoe skill . As someone who have been forced to lose to many paper base only because of phoebe i think best way to overcome is to improve yourseft , no point in waiting fg to nerf it for you .