Phoebe defeated with MAD MONKS!


I shown some good bases, raided only with MAD MONKS!

I hope you like it.

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Do you know other ways of KILLING PHEOBE! Tell me your combo’s… I will try them…

Knights are useless. Phoebe kills them in the first shock wave. So, you need to use strong and nits with more health.

Not necessarily. If you bring Monks and Wolves with Knights they won’t die. Especially if you shield them. Knights can be very deadly against Phoebe

Spells only. No troops needed

Tell me your COMBO. I will use it in another video.

Tell your combo to me.

But, I think, you must have attacked a low-level player’s Phoebe. Otherwise, it will be very strong.

Hammer swordrain bladestorm. Phoebe is weak

Max level players and high level Phoebe. Doesn’t matter, Phoebe isn’t as OP as she used to be


I have already made a video on it: 


I see. You have another combo?

My next target is Celestial Nemesis Beast.

I don’t think anybody has that beast and even if they did, why would they use it? Phoebe is much better

You think that… my video coming soon…