Phoebe is overpowered in defence

I am convinced Phoebe should be downpowered in defence. This is absurd. 

I answer you in German: Flare Games ist nicht gut in Sachen zu ‘nerfen’ Phoepe müsste minimal generft werden. Flare würde Phoepe nutzlos machen ?. Hoffen wir mal das sie es diesmal richtig machen. PS: Ceres ist Op im Angriff 

Phoebe is very easy beast. Wolf much harder


FG sucks at nerfing things, see TC spell. Phoebe needs a small nerf, otherwise it would be downgraded from an OP beast to a useless Beast.

Ceres OP in attack.

I’m pretty sure a level 1 wolf is easier than a level 1 Phoebe  :stuck_out_tongue:

Phoebe is okay. We need a little harder beasts for Pro-Beasts. Otherwise why collect?
With some practice and an intact army it can easily be beaten.

for me its Kaiser no doubt. If someone is lucky to join a alliance who have Kaiser then congratulations you have a unbeatabke base. For player level 1-70 Kaiser is a pain. So frustrating. His sonic blast is insane. I just start to be able to destroy Kaiser with what I have in Level 75. Level 1 is impossible with only 2 spells you need obligatory 3 spells and probably shield your army. So if someone have Kaiser at level 2 or 3. He have a unbeatable base until level 90. Probably Gems rewards assured. I have waste maybe over 100 gems in resurrection but without success

The Wolf is like Archimedes or Tammy whatever the level is so easy to kill them. Whatever you have.So its not a problem at all

I am not in hurry to see what a Kaiser level 3+ can do  

Phoebe is weak. I have faced a level 3 Phoebe of a max level player. The beast was just as weak as any other Phoebe out there. I can understand that Phoebe is tough for many lower trophy/level guys, but in general, Phoebe isn’t too strong. It all depends on the base layout. The right layout can make Phoebe strong

Kaiser is very weak. Most use it for gold protection only. Ofc for most lower level guys, those beasts are tough

I have most Problems against high Bucky and Aki Beasts.

Pls do something with phoebe in defense its allmost impossible to kill him


What game are you playing?  What spells are you carrying, I don’t even pay attention to Primal Beasts.  I just accidentally kill them on the way through while I’m using my blizzards on Skulls Towers and Wolves.  In most cases I think a Werewolf is actually not much less effective than a primal beast.

No need to hijack and necromancer a old topic. If you have a idea just create a new topic. Thank you

Who are you talking to?

Just buy a pro heal ring, wear it and kaiser beast is useless (most beasts are), his lasting damage is canceled immediately and does no damage at all. So I would not say the base is unbeatable, when one item neutralizes kaiser beast. And to get that ring, you just need to participate pro league, score the crystals needed and go for Chloris or vampire ring. Forge up the heal somewhat and there you go, kaiser beast is not even a puppy any longer. 

Better plan is not to depend on beast, but on defense. And for that, keep working on waves, towers, obstacles and troops. Not only max towers, forge them. That makes a difference. And don’t stop at 15+ forges, keep working on them. Waves I mention not for nothing, towers don’t follow a hero in trouble, troops (and beasts) do. So enough morale in waves makes you add troops to give offender a harder time and to waste their spells. And for that your troops need to be upgraded plus forged. When a spell for example just doesn’t destroy troops or a tower, they will being offender in deep trouble. So don’t focus on beast in defense, better focus on improving defense by building a good path that help your towers to stop an army. This means, build choke points where your troops can take out fresh troops, where your towers destroy an army and so on. 

Like many others suggested, phoebe is indeed beatable almost any time, when you realize what main problem is. My mistake was indeed assuming that tons of ogres would solve my problem when they are boosted by wolf howl or donkey special ability. Against lower phoebes indeed, but the stronger versions of higher heros (level 130 for example) this assumption was wrong. The trick is to keep shield active, plus guardian. When you use janus, add boosted archers to your arsenal. Trick is not to panic and summon troops like a madman (read, when portal isn’t open, you are wasting morale, those troops won’t help you that are summoned nearby tent!), just be patient till the portal opens and then start to summon archers like crazy with full morale.

Use scream for making timing right, before arrival of phoebe, either move forward when portal is almost open and when it takes a moment or is to be closed, scream troops backwards to give your army some time before facing phoebe. when phoebe is there, move forward, push him slowly into your pack while shielding your troops,  use donkey for extra morale as soon as hero life is going down, summon archers like hell and bless them with spirit howl of donkey. Even a phoebe on heal puddle stands no chance when a dozen archers are firing. And since he just used his armageddon, you have time to take him down. There are many other ways, key to success are low morale troops, even knights will do just fine. Having said that, ranged low troops deal damage from distance, while other troops keep phoebe busy.

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@Dena4 Same thing for you my post was in May 2018. So when I was around level 40 or around. Its not a problem anymore. Take care of the date when you read


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