Phoebe’s Blessing on offense doesnt heal king

When i use Phoebe on offensive with Pal Flute, my King will need health, and while standing directly in a phoebe blessing, with no other troops, NO health is gained. So why doesnt phoebes blessing heal the king? Shouldnt the king be healed immediately upon entering a blessing? Try using a scroll blessing and a phoebe blessing, and only the scroll blessing heals the king… please fix this ASAP!!!



The situation that you said is not bug. Phoebe’s blessing originally has valid time. After the valid time,  the blessing is not effective anymore. By the way, that is indeed bug that phoebe’s blessing with pal flute doesn’t disappear even it is not effective anymore.

Yes true, we are aware of this bug and will fix it in a future update :slight_smile: