Phoebe too strong - come on is this for real?

hi all…

dont like too complain but feel i need to

i am a win10 player  iam a level 114 player Phoebe takes 35 sec and 90% off my troops before a dicide too buy one or two spells a 15 gems a pop so i dont lose too much trophy

for compearance howl l10 6 seconds bucky level9 4seconds and no gems spells

99% of opponents have phoebe


be fair downgrade Phoebe like you did cerus 


ps for those who say archer and mega archer kill Phoebe easy maybe on os or android  but not for win10


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Your platform has nothing to do with the difficulty of the beast lol. I’m on Windows 10 as well, check out my combo here, it may work for you


I’ve played on both my iPhone and Windows PC and archers are my best friend for Phoebe in both devices.

Also helps to build up a large army and use a form of healing right before Phoebe approaches - I use Shield spell right before phoebe lowers her arms down to smash so my troops don’t get slaughtered.

Then I go behind Phoebe and push her into the middle of my army. Hit scream if applicable and I’m usually golden. 

Toxic Cloud Spell is also great for phoebe as it will slow down her attacks. 

Archers are really awesome against Phoebe, especially Pro/Elite boosted archers. The combo I shared is just my own personal combo, one that I always attack with and not just a special one for Phoebe

Thanks for sharing your advice @OVRSLO

the problem isnt low level Phoebe aliance beast 3 and hero level 106 no problem just push and kanon do the rest use donkey instead of schield

the problem is level 6 and up for Alliance and hero level 115 and up 

if a level 130 has a howl aliance level max it also hard work but 6seconds its gone and no need of spells

vs Phoebe who goes in mad mode destroys 90% of troops  still not dead after 30+seconda so you must buy a time spell 15 every battle you fight…

with time spell Phoebe goes down rapid but dont like to spend gems

we are a top 40 Alliance only up against stong members

last conquest 30 attacks =450gems


Thanks for tip of toxicspell i gone try but mine is weak didnt use it /forged it for ages 


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