Phoebe vs Nemesis

I wanted my first topic to be about these two beasts. Due to my laptop’s problems i couldn’t take a screenshot

Celestial Phoebe:                                                                                                                                                  

damage: normal, 6.139

heal per attack: 13.394

health: 102.681

special: armageddon, 14.732 normal


special range: 10

attack rate: 0,85


Celestial Nemesis:

damage apocalypse, 5.580, normal


passive skill: 16 skeletons/5 seconds cooldown

specal: armageddon, 7.533


attack rate: 0,70


resistance :fire 75%

weakness : ice 50% piercing 50%


So  guys who do you think is the best and why?(the stats are for lvl 1 beasts)

I still think Phoebe is the better beast because of his healing ability. Skeletons are deadly but they don’t compare to a constant heal puddle

at this moment Phoebe still the number 1 beast in the game. That why a huge number of base in the game have her. Phoebe heal and cast Armageddon. So she is really powerful if your alliance have her at very high level. Its a pain for some mid level. So for me no doubt its Phoebe.Never see Nemesis,Ceres or other Pro pal in defense

Have you seen Fritz beast? It is much stronger than Phoebe.

Even the good old Howl is stronger than Phoebe imo (if the attacker doesn’t use Fritz or Frosters).


I would like to see an high lvl Eris beast to compare it to Phoebe.

I agree with you to a certain extent. The Fritz beast is indeed strong, but it is not stronger than Phoebe at level 1. At a higher level, however, Fritz is definitely better. The one disadvantage that Frosty Fritz has though, is that he has a weakness, a MAJOR weakness to Fire

I see your point.

It’s just that a lot of people are raiding with the Fritz pal and, coincidently, the Fritz beast is an hard counter to the Fritz pal. :wink:

Yeah. Bekomming invincible during the roll attack is also a very heavy special attack from fritz. I’ve tried nemesis in my base and it was worse. ?

Never have see Fritz Beast. No clue what he look like. in low,medium and high base just very low % have him. Maybe you can see him more at level 110-130

My rection when i first time encountered fritz beast. Posted on fb group. 

I still think phoebe is better than fritz in beast avatar. That sounds fair too. Being a pro beast it should be better than regular beasts. 

It should! But it’s not :wink:

The Fritz beast is super nasty. If not for the guardians, it would kill me over 50% of the time… and that’s at lvl3-4 only.

Totally agree. While I don’t face the Frosty Fritz often, it is much more deadly with it’s snowball roll than Phoebe’s Armageddon. Nothing stands in Fritz’s way