Phoenix/barricade bug

I am posting on behalf of several members of my alliance, Olympus Overlords in the League of Kings.

On their path layouts, the phoenix unit will not cross any barricades.  It shows them attempting to fly over, then glitch and flicker back to behind the barricade.  It keeps doing this over and over again.  I’ve tried my own path and some others in my alliance and it is not doing this for everyone.  Seems like it is affecting lower level players (though would like to hear from anyone with another experience) but have only a very limited sample size so can’t be sure.


Please have a look at this asap as it is making their defenses pretty useless.  



Someone mentioned it’s only level 1 phoenixes.  Can anyone else confirm this is/isn’t the case?

Are the only players in your alliance who are affected by this the ones with level one Phoenix? Nobody in my alliance has ever seen it happen, but nobody has level one phoenixes either. 

only 2 people so far reported the issue and both level 1 phoenix.  Small sample size so just wondering if anyone with higher level phoenix has experienced the issue.

I confirm. My Phoenix was level 1 and had this bug. Now I got level 2 few minutes ago and test my base. Phoenix are ok. Jump correctly the barricade.So at moment you have level 2 the bug is gone

Nice, thanks for the confirmation.  Hopefully this can be sorted when Flare get back to work on Monday.

If you look a little down in the list. This bug is know since November 2018 and they already work on it but i think they don’t know how to fix it. Still in review

Edit : Weird the topic about this has been deleted

Thanks.  I did have a quick look before posting but didn’t see anything (though I admit I didn’t look that far back).  Weird it has been deleted now.

Seems like a pretty easy fix at least. 

Hi guys,

As already said we intend to fix this with the new version. :slight_smile:

And the thread you are all referring to…yes, it has been deleted, but by the original thread operator. 

You all can delete your own threads if you go to moderation actions and click “delete”.

Good day!


Thanks for the reply! I guess I missed it… when is the new version scheduled for release?

You didn’t miss anything yet.

Ok good, but I’m still curious now how long we’re talking for the new version if Madlen has an idea.  


Thanks Madlen ?

It will come but I don’t have a fixed date yet. I know that is frustrating and you are waiting for news. I hope to have something to share soon ?

As Captain Morgan said here:

He will join soon again to discuss on the forum as well, and he already provided some insights into what the new version will contain in the message above! :slight_smile:

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Cool.  Thanks for the reply! In the meantime I’ll make sure everyone in my alliance gets at least level 2 Phoenix ASAP ??

Don’t blame us though when we fix the bug :grinning: