Phoenix Token??

Anyone knows what the Phoenix Token is? Looks like it is one of new festival tokens. But, I don’t know what skills it will provide us when we use it. Thanks!

Where did you find a Phoenix Token or any news of one? I haven’t seen anything about this

I saw one,too. In Chamber of Fortune,but I can’t find anything about it.  It would be good to know are there more new kind of tokens?

Maybe you can collect tokens to unlock a new pal or special ability! Lots of games have these kinds of features. Star Wars: Commander, for instance, had a feature where you could collect item parts and when you collected a certain amount you would unlock that unit! It was super cool!

Maybe a free ress. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes

One free resurrection?

There’s also an Insta troop token. Since you can only get them by spending gems in the cof, the majority won’t even know what those exactly do. No idea why fg didn’t announce them with the update. Imo, when you add something new to the game, especially after a big update, you have to tell the players that you added something

You cannot be defeated even if you attack top base…? 

No one can gain even 30% on you base?

:wink: :wink:



Oh this is going to be fun ?

The tear of Phoenix will make you rise from the ashes ?

This should’ve been so easy to figure out lol, since the Phoenix has this ability in Olympus Rising!


That was fun tho  :wink:
It was really exciting to suddenly see an unannounced Phoenix Token there!

You know what else was fun? Finding out that you can only get the tokens when you spend gems and even if you do, it’s probably almost impossible to get them :wink:

To be honest, I think it would probably be broken if they would just appear there normally, 
because of the Luck Perks and the crazy rate in which we can get all 3 rewards from CoF when using high Luck bonus.

When using high Luck bonus to farm pearls from CoF, for example, we find that 3rd big chest of pearls very often, so we can get thousands of pearls daily,
now imagine if tokens would appear there on normal conditions and you could farm them the same way you can farm pearls.

I know, and it’s good like that. But I don’t see the point of adding them in the cof. Rather increase the chance of getting gems when you spend gems. Then add those tokens to every festival, so you can purchase some every month. To me, adding them to the cof is completely unnecessary

Insta Troop cooldown: The cooldown of Insta Troops in battles is decreased by 50% for 2 days.

(there should be a clickable *i* if I am not mistaken :slight_smile:

We announced that tokens can be found in the CoF. After that, I personally think that it is nice that there are some small surprises such as finding an unannounced token left. It is a game after all, so some sense of discovery should be there :grinning: