Phoenix Token??

@Madlen  Can you tell us how many different tokens are now in the game?

The gems we get from defenses are a % of what the enemies spent on reviving,
so, I’m guessing we don’t get any gems when a Phoenis Token is used, right?

Do we get anything as reward when enemies use that token?  :huh:

Fairly certain we will still gain gems if someone uses a token

No,we won’t get gems if someone uses the token in ur base,and that is *****.sooner all scrolls will be replace by tokens and u get ***** out of it???

Huh??? That doesn’t make any sense. Your base killed the king! Why should you not get rewarded for that! Please change this right away! I bought 5 Phoenix Tokens…that means I could just walk right through a top base without a care in the world. Good grief. Please think more carefully about these features. That’s awful!

Well you can resurrect 5 times for free, it s already great, so don’t complain too much ?

But indeed, I also think that we should receive some gems when a user uses a token…We already got a ridiculous amount of gems regarding the amount that is spent…but getting punished twice because the player uses a token is quite hard to swallow…

Then let me ask:

Are we able to use the Phoenix token on Wars/Conquests?

If we do, then let me upfront: It makes no sense at all, you’re removing our  main source of gems income!

This is killing the main idea of the game: To keep improving our defense.

Why should we keep improving our defense, if we won’t get any gems from killing our enemy?

Or else, please revise the ratio of gems won from the defender…

If I recall correctly it was 13% of the attacker spent gems, which is really… really low.

If we in the future will start only getting max 2-10 gems per raid, we might as well stop spending gems.

PS: Not to mention that the offense is already really overpowered, so the number of times an enemy uses revive is really rare and now… We won’t get any gems from it. I repeat, please rethink this “killer change”  <_<

Does anyone know if the token is displayed in the defense history or not?

It is display as revive,when u don’t get gems it means the token is being used and vice versa

Why oh why did I expect that we don’t get gems when a player resurrects with a phoenix token? A phoenix token nothing more or less saves the offender spending 35 gems when hero is killed, so it would be more logical that a defender still would gain those gems instead of letting defender feel like a sore loser getting nothing. Bye rewards for having a good defense. 

It indeed makes no sense at all from point of view of defender. Fact is, a player did resurrect against him, so why he didn’t receive any reward (gems)? So in theory now a raider can spend a dozen of phoenix tokens and for a fraction of the costs he now can beat most bases?

Can we expect defensive tokens soon to prevent a raider to use tokens or resurrect plus scroll soon? That would be fair from point of view of defender. 

What’s next? Scroll tokens so that a defender even doesn’t receive gems from players using scrolls?

dont worry too much…phoenix token is not unlimited…I guess that most of them will be used in the next month at max during wars or conquest…

It can obtained from chamber of fortune also. If someone gets it COF and from festive season he can do lot of good things on Alliance war and conquest. 

considering the very low chance to get it…it s pretty meaningless to mention ?

But dont get me wrong, I also think that the defender should receive gems even if the attacker used a token.

It s just that I dont think that it s really important to react so much about that.

I bought 5 token last festival along with Hans…and I think there were a limit on the tokens that could be bought like 9 or so if I can recall correctly…

9 possible free revives…on very strong base, the tokes will be used in 2 days of wars ?


May be flare should bring Gem Token.

So if it is activated for 8hrs or something the defender should get a standard amount of gems ( may be 4) regardless of the result of the battle.

Meanwhile gems should not be deducted from the attacker.

So it can be balancing for the Phoenix token.

  1. Phoenix token = Even if i resurrect i don’t  give you gems. ( Attacker)

2.Gem token      = Even if you don’t  resurrect i still get gems (Defender) ??

Phoenix token can be more devastating on Alliance  war. If more members of the same alliance uses this token on Alliance war , everybody will be encouraged to attack the top 3 of the opponents.  

I heard you can use 2 Tokens on a fight, then you have to spend gems on your 3rd death.

But still… Most of the people who spend gems on revives, rarely die more than twice.

So you’re just removing the defender chance to get any gems…

As I said before, something must be done about this. Here’s my suggestions:

  • Make it so the Token can only be used once per fight.
  • Give gems to the defender nonetheless of a token being used, you’re just penalizing us for forging our defenses. Seeing a revive icon and no gems is too infuriating
  • There were 9 Phoenix Tokens on stock to buy on last event… That’s too much for each month! Players rarely die with offense this Overpowered… 
    This token is too strong, so make it rarer and don’t sell it every month. Make it purchasable every 2 months.

God please no… Don’t force us to buy every type of token. You’re just over complicating things…

Next thing we know… we have to use tokens for a thing which already worked in the past… Without any token at all!

I wasn’t really serious when I mentioned defensive tokens, I was sarcastic on that moment, since it’s absurd to have a token at all. Phoenix token is extreme and really no need for that. Please remove that token and also no need for defensive tokens. 

If it was up to me, those tokens were gone yesterday, we don’t need those. Want extra xp? Buy xp gear, want to do more raids, collect farm gear and so on.

I wonder where our gems are when someone beats our base and continues opening chests after a failure. Silly it sounds, doesn’t it. Similar however it is that we don’t get gems when someone resurrects at our base. Our defense did kill hero and reward is stolen. Sorry, but that’s not done. Either gems should be increased without a token in that case after resurrection or give gems as before.

Sorry about that, I thought you were serious for a moment there lol

Completely agree, I would prefer if the Phoenix Token wasn’t created… at all.

I just hate how everything tends towards “easing” the game in every possible way…

Except of course farming gems, or the pearls cost of some Royal Guardians…

That gets absurd every time. But that’s already a different subject  :rolleyes: