Phone calls on IOS

Is there a way to prevent incoming calls while playing RR2? I am getting tired of loosing 60+ trophies every time I receive a call. Wether I accept the call or not I’m getting reloaded in the game. It’s annoying wasting food and loosing trophies.

I generally get straight back into battle if I reject a call or answer it for <1 min on iOS

Same here, although its annoying if they leave a VM as that keeps ringing me back and interrupting the battle!

Before yesterday’s update as long as it was quick I had no issues, but since yesterday I automatically get kicked off.

It might be a problem of memory load - If your phone memory is full, when the phone process comes up, the memory used by RR2 might be freed, hence the reload. It shouldn’t happen though RR2 being the last process used. What phone version do you have?


Didn’t try lately but with some older version, my Galaxy S4 went back to the game just fine after a short phone call.