Physical Key for Pause

Scream, Guardian Pal, troops and spells have their physical key for PC users except Pause function.

If possible kindly add Pause key. May be “A” key or a “Space bar” key  and same key to resume.

Sometimes PC users(like me) don’t know where the pointer is.  So if you implement this, when we are lost in Game we quickly press the Pause Button(A) and find our pointer and proceed .

I think this feature is pretty useful for PC users

Hmm I think Darkerion just answered this question in this thread.

The function is there.

OMG, there is a Pause button. I played this game without knowing this. BTW i am level 99.

Thanks Madlen and Darkerion.

Can you give this info on Game. It seems many don’t know about this function.

I will forward this request.

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t know about that function until yesterday, and I’m a level 128!!! 

I saw the question, then went to the game and started hitting the most used buttons just to check and…
Backspace: SURPRISE! hahah

If it’s already implemented, I think it’s enough add a shortcut as like the rest of the interface ~ ✔️