Physical Resistance Perk too low


So as many players may not be aware the physical resistance perk is about a third weaker than a normal elemental resistance perk (fire/ice,etc). So for example an excellent in lvl perk for fire may give 72% fire resistance, while a similar physical resistance perk will give about 48% physical resistance (about a third less).

Now post update (in fact post forge refining update) non-shielded heroes (maybe not so much Hercules as he has very high health) are massively inferior due to the lack of 2 additional gear slots. But even worse now when facing many TL high lvl players, the gatekeepers have been refined to have game-breaking physical damage stats (maybe I’ll open another thread for this subject as it’s getting beyond a joke). I’ve fought many battles with heroes such as Ariadne/Odysseus and even more with Prometheus and you really don’t want to use them for end game bases.

Shielded heroes can simply refine any shield, and hey presto your hero has near max physical resistance. Non shielded heroes are the only heroes to actually apply physical resistance perks on gear, so why would it be lower already!? These phys res perk values are fine for the base in general, but not now with uber damage gatekeepers able to kill heroes in literally 2-3 seconds (and not with the DR/area damage bug) 



I fully agree on your point. But here are some cons and pros. First of all, those heroes without shield, definitely have something to compensate, Hercules has health and loh, Jason has more loh, Ariadne has her army, Prometheus has some physical and his unique power… Artemis packs a good stag and powers, Odysseus not very sure, I’m not an expert… I think they all sort of balance out a bit, but yeah we all use specific heroes and then others we don’t use so much.

The point is, that this was the case prior to new forging, which changes the game. Arguably you can forge these heroes in a way to help you, because speed, regeneration, other resistances, are also part of the package, arguably helping not having physical… if you were to setup all heroes identically, I would say the differences would be less, and perhaps a bit easier to compare or judge. And I am not saying that speed or ice resistance helps not having physical… but the point is, you may use refining for other purposes, to work around your given powers. It’s exactly the same when Helen has given CD… you need less to max her, so immediately many take potency or stun sooner… 

If we argue that the heroes were not “designed” for refining purposes, then yes we have an issue. On the other hand, same heroes would be boring. I like it that we have 1 or 2 alliance members who use Prometheus at war. I also like that Artemis was so good at killing GK at some point, it made everyone consider her, even though she can’t beat the defense… Ariadne is so powerful, she would be overpowered with a shield… There are players who would add attack perks to that shield like leadership and demo or speed damage… but yeah, physical can now be easily at 90%… even on GK…

@Archimides I agree, you can’t give them shields (as yes they have been designed to be ‘equal’ to the other heroes without shields) as they would be OP.  

I’m surprised you haven’t come across some extremely; high damage Gk’s yet, that can kill heroes in 2-3 hits (maybe because some are in your alliance probably). You’ll see it a lot more once people hit a stable ascension lvl and can start refining GK weapons with area damage and damage perks  'There’s now way I’m taking a non-shield hero to war, and that’s the general opinion on our alliance who face you guy on the islands. Maybe you guys have many DR rings still, left overs from being max lvl for so long, who knows…

Haha, I’ll tell you why. First of all I do checks on my GK (so I build them to not die), and second, as dumpster will confirm, I don’t like my heroes dying.

This started because of war chests, where if you die, you have ambrosia in your chests instead of gems (provided all other resources full), it then became apparent when they changed the 3 deaths rule (I believe you could have died more times in the past, without a loss of battle)… it’s also a factor with weak heroes in Odysseys. Sadly I do max skulls with honored heroes, and Odysseys are much harder than any defense you can imagine, and some GK bite a lot… along with the gate, even Hercules dies… Finally it’s bad math… wasting 900 ambrosia with Artemis, costs a lot… I some times die twice, and think “that was a waste of 24 gems for 240 ambrosia, I’d rather use 2 invos”…

So I always pack my heroes with physical. I have a 70k CD+Physical ring just for this reason, sadly it is a very old item. I never said I didn’t came across that ? why are you surprised? Of course I came across strong GK. I feel it’s part of the game, and that’s why I adapt around it. I am cooking now a 100k CD ring and 100k physical + 3k loh… will be something nice for new levels, as all my heroes are really weak… have not forged new items since 131.

I always take war heroes with a shield… I even changed Hercules recently. 


Thanks Archimedes, I appreciate your insights especially in to war aspects and oddessy lvls where I don’t often do 10’s (and haven’t upgraded the harbour to do higher lvls).

I have never found an exaggerated GK during my oddesys (maybe I got lucky) that could wipe out the hero that quickly - I think taking stats straight from certain Gk’s doesn’t happen. (but I could be wrong).

I’ve not reached the stage where I have considered leaving out Herc yet (but yeah phys res is the first perk on him now since the refined Gk’s and the high damage trend emerging). 

From what you are saying this totally back up the point that the physical res perk is way too low. I actually considered it should be equal to the other resistances in terms of %, but I’m actually thinking it should maybe be even higher!

There’s little choice currently for war heroes - and in the same instance high lvl battles on the standard islands.

It’s definitely random, but I have been doing max, currently 11 skull and next week hoping 12 skull. I don’t know how they have worked it, but you see all kind of Perseus statues (its probably taken from players % using him). Strong that don’t lose health, easy that are normal and go away or really good at attacking. I never bother with the GK on Odysseys, I always play manually except Cadmus, so while I am hitting the door, I know when I am about to die. Maybe 5-10% of them are like that? And with the new gates, it even takes longer to take the gate down. A week ago, I was going at the gate with Artemis and 2 minutes left… I had to go around the GK 3 times so I wouldn’t die a 3rd time on a 141 level island (hit gate, close to death,  head for the bridge, regenerate health, back to the gate) use invo 2 times, only to get the gate at last seconds… and that’s after I failed my first odyssey island after 1 year so ? It can be tough, with low leveled items… Never had problems in the past, after I put physical on them.

I see a lot of people picking almost all heroes at war. I congratulate them, I can’t do it and don’t want to right now. Of course if you build them in a certain way, I am sure it’s possible. Me and you are just not into those non-shield heroes. I don’t think you are being objective 100%. A supporter of those heroes, can tell you they are better than what we are using ? ? ?  - so I wouldn’t change anything just yet. If anything refining should compensate at least this fact much easier than before… all you need is 1,5 items of physical (1 perk added or existing on 1st refining + a perk added *last* on 2nd refining which yields less - but both enough to give you close to 90% physical).

I raid with Ariadne and take her to war. Honestly if she wasnt vulnerable to high damage GKs you’d just press AP and never have to look at the screen again. My completely un-scientific survey also says that Herc is back on top. People are taking him to war again and grinding with him. I get attacked by herc 2x as much as any other hero.  The non-shield-bearers (besides Artemis) are less affected by levelup stat loss than the shield guys in standard builds. So in the top level meta game they’re back.