Pick 1

  1. Every single base is still beatable with skull gear without scroll or revive, just need to learn how OR Every single base still beatable without learning to raid properly, as long as you pay gems for it

  2. Defense is paper thin, game is super easy


Pick 1


For those saying “I want defenses to be hard but not too hard that it is unbeatable”, well, read back (1), all bases ARE beatable, just need to learn how or pay real money to win. This isn’t applicable to only high levels. Low levels have low levels challenges, mid levels have mid levels challenges, and high levels have their own challenges. ALL levels are able to beat their equivalents by learning how to or by paying for it.


Thus, the statement “I want defenses to be hard but not too hard that it is unbeatable” IS already achieved.


Some variations of contradictory complaints:-

a) I don’t want defense to be paper thin but I don’t want to learn new combos or even pay gems to beat other people’s base. I just don’t want MY defense to be paper thin.

b) I want the game to be stress free but not boring, so I need some challenges. Defenses cannot be too easy. BUT, when the challenges come, I want it stress free so I don’t have to learn how to deal with those challenges. BUT, those challenges can’t be too stress free that they are not considered challenges otherwise it will be boring.

c) I want defenses to be hard but not so hard that I can’t beat it… just hard enough so others can’t beat mine


There’s NO way Flare can satisfy (a), (b) and ©.


If Flare decides to give in to the pressure and go for (2), I am going to say this first, YOU asked for it so don’t complain again later that offense is then overpowered. Especially those who pay extra for the Conquest boosts, don’t complain “hey, we spent so much on Conquest boosts but defense is so bad that we are still being beaten by those who don’t even have Pro Boost, what’s going on?”.


p.s. The problem with the game isn’t even in the balancing. The problem is that the community is toxic and selfish. Those who know how to don’t share, and those who don’t know don’t ask, i.e. if this was a game from another community, the forum will be flooded with questions like “how to deal with stargazer?”, “how to deal with the new conquest boosts?”, “how to deal with phoebe beast?”. Instead, when a new challenge in the game is introduced "I don’t want to learn how to deal with it. NERF IT. Then, when things are easy, repeat the cycle of complaints that things are too boring and easy.

Before everybody starts shooting at you, let me say that I agree. 

Coming soon : RR2 training classes from prof. LacunaC

Free for all !! 

Just needed ur free time that u set aside for ur own entertainment to learn new skill sets just to play a GAME

In other words

Flare should just buff hammerstrike to 100 radius, with 9999999 damage. You start your raid, hit hammerstrike, and everything collapses. It has a feature to even hit invincible basilisks which are “hiding” as well, PLUS, it disarms all Jester Boxes. One press and you get 100% in your raid. It will be SOOOO relaxing. Saves a lot of time from doing a full raids too. Players will then finally be happy.


Let’s see how many will complain about this too.

For those who don’t have hammerstrike, fear not, Ceres will now be buffed.


Copies 1000 morale points. Howl effect is permanent and affects the entire map. Damage reduction is 100%…


Good for those who want to still enjoy raiding slowly and not win instantly with hammerstrike. Coming soon on version 4.1.

AND for those who want something in between super hammerstrike and slow raiding buffed up Ceres, there’s the new version of Bladestorm! Unlimited range that kills all towers the entire map. Spell duration lasts for the entire raid. Kills beast instantly too. It will leave you enemy units for you to play around just so you can enjoy.

Just remember all this when flare doesn’t have enough customers left to keep the lights on. 

Lacunac,  a game need balance between enough players and enough challenging without becomes boring or becomes too though for the most.

If you read forum, think it is not going the good way, when even the heavy spenders are complaining now

And you will see what happens the next days in war.


Lacuna C make video scroll free 100% vs any base with 3-4 towers near gate please

scull gears please.

if true i think you are right, you just forget that its a casual game. I have no mood to spent whole my life in training on different combos. But as i said its ok, if Flare want for this feature. Its just mean this game is not for me or the player like me

Im a player that beat top defences with skull gear too. The problem is not bases are easy or hard. Problem is that raids are not logical and funny anymore. 

Why my own units attack my units instead of enemy? Did I make that army for that reason? 

Why its pointless to forge gargoules and snake tower? Their zombies and gargoules are much more stronger than themself

Why I lose all my units in only one snake tower while they easily pass through 4-5 skull and lightening towers? 

What is the point to make strong defence while I have to close boosts thanks to their costs?

What is the point of other beasts while howl is much more stronger than others? 

Why zombies are stronger than waves, towers and traps?

I mean I dont think much while planning defence. None of my tower are forged more than +30. So I easily chose snake and gargoules tower. I need nothing more for a strong defence…

For me its well balanced too. But not funny. Let me explain how defences should be

If I use luck gear, I should be able to make 30%… 60% with skull gear and 100% with a strong gear. The reason to lose a raid shouldnt be losing all units in the middle but lack of time… Even PL wars with unboosted units are much more funny than normal raids

Sure, guys, revert back to 3.9, get rid of all conquest boosts too, everyone place 6 gate towers again. Awesome. That’s option number 2.


Go start a poll or petition to revert back to 3.9 then.

Not sure if I see less gate towers because of 4.0?

Yes, you’re right, because players’ bases are still being beaten.


If bases are truly unbeatable, there won’t be gate towers. So the existence of gate towers doesn’t refute, in fact, it proves my point.


But you guys want 3.9 back right? Go start a poll, see who wants to reset it back to 3.9. 

Very funny . Its even more important to put as much towers as you can right now.

now its awesome to reach gate, not to make 100%?

??i like to see that Cromka role is always here even if Cromka gave up by himself)



 Dnt want to reset.

but some stuff i want they willcheck.

conguest boost.

also they must to remove ability to put towers near the gates)

That’s not a good comparison.

Having gate towers prevents players for using certain combo’s. Even if the king runs ahead solo because of a bad encounter at the beast for example, getting 100% isn’t always possible because of gate towers.

Also, don’t create anonymous poll, no use. Put your ign, and create a poll, show flare how many actual gamers wants the game to reset back to 3.9


Why? Do you have anonymous petition or signed one with your name to show protest? Not even asking real name here, go create one that shows your ign only