Piercing venom & general lousy game play

I used to love this game. So addictive. Designed that way. Now at lvl 116 using my most buff Perseus at lvl 20 I have lost 5/5 battles. Absolutely ridiculous on the part of FG. 

This post is mainly about the bugs in Artemis Piercing venom. Why when activated does it suddenly and without warning shoot in completely the wrong direction on manual play after I line it up perfectly?? Really frustrating. Please fix for iOS. 

If you level too fast, it’s a problem. Maybe you can elaborate more. I love Perseus, he is probably my best hero, but not the most efficient.

But that’s an entirely different subject, what is exactly the problem with Artemis? If this is a bug, you need to address it, at the right section of the forum, and provide some info or a video. What do you mean without warning? I do notice that even with Ajax, he can be a pain to make the shield slam work as intended, but I guess maybe we both aren’t doing it correctly. Can you give an example ? Is she moving ?

I am so glad you replied. Thank you so much. I don’t have a screen recording of piercing venom in action. I set Artemis up to point in the right direction so it’s ready to go and is not on auto play but when I activate piercing venom it will shoot in a totally different direction than intended. Just don’t understand it. 


What do do you mean when you say level up too fast. I’ve been playing OR since June 2018. Where I am now is lvl 117 and all the opponents on my surrounding islands are absolutely impossible to beat. Perseus stats are lvl 20, with damage 8072, leadership 8700, health 274,742. I’ve lost the last 9 consecutive battles. I have another account I play under and I haven’t even conquered the griffin islands and I have almost 1000 more trophies!! 

I just don’t get it. Can you give some advice please?

Hi @rootdr Sure!

Each level you gain, you require better items to be on equal terms as just before you leveled up (even if it was 2 minutes ago). I’ll give you two examples, so you can fully understand. 

If you are on level 110, and have 50% physical resistance and around 40% of attack speed, lets say you cruise just fine on similar opponent islands. This means that against towers/units with physical damage, you are protected “enough”, and that 40% of attack speed gives you a nice damage boost and speeds up some of your other usefull perks/powers.

If you level up, those % mentioned, will drop. Meaning you are more vulnerable to damage taken in and less damage you can deal to bases. Which means if you dont forge or replace your items, you will always be getting weaker. If you level up too many levels in a short period of time, and do not make better items, you will have a hard time to keep up.

Leveling up sets you up with higher opponents of course… its natural that in 1 day, you are weaker and face someone stronger. You need to adapt fast. And the key is to try and build your defences, your units and your powers, before doing upgrades of the main buildings, which level you fast. This plan gives you time to build up your heroes, while making your defence and attack stronger… leveling up your Heroes hall, ambrosia/wisdom storage does nothing to you, only makes you weaker if you level up… imho leave them last, before moving forward. They can be half a level or more, while doing 10-15 tower upgrades can be less “leveling up”.

I don’t use Artemis much… she is too weak. But maybe I did notice that… just use other heroes, there are a few considered stronger than most, and I always suggest shield heroes… gives you more room to work with…

Hi @Archimides! That’s such great information. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. Very grateful. 

Have a great day.