Piercing Venom

When ARTEMIS approaches the gatekeeper on AUTO-PLAY, she will fire PIERCING VENOM before the gatekeeper has come to life thus doing zero damage. It would be good if she could hold back using the power for about another second - time for the gatekeeper to come to life and her PIERCING VENOM to cause damage.

Almost every hero will waste a spell on the gk if they can get in range before the gk can take damage. If it’s a problem for you, the only real solution is to switch to manual on the bridge. 

It’s not only against the GK. On Auto-play, Artemis  always  casts Piercing Venom first as soon  as she sees enemies, even though they’re out of range. Very frustrating.

This is another good answer from dumpster:

“In the early days of the game it was almost always the correct choice to use autoplay over manual play. The AI was faster, more accurate, and made fewer mistakes than the average manual player. It was a little odd in that way, and not how the dev team envisioned the game being played. If you look at the heroes that were introduced most recently, Ajax and Artemis, they’re almost impossible to play in auto. This is a deliberate design choice also. I don’t think the devs want the game to be played on Auto.”