PILIPINAS Alliance Info & Recruitment



     As of July 28, 2015, PILIPINAS is:

  • Level 29 with 28/34 members [6 slot(s) available!]
  • Rank 168
  • 95, 117Trophies with +33% Gold bonus
  • 30 Fiefdoms with +11% Tax bonus


Currently active:

  • Tough Barricade
  • Power Archer
  • Storm Cannon


     To join PILIPINAS , your King must be:

  • Level 75 and up.
  • Donates at least 50,000 Gold coins daily. Extra donations is much appreciated.
  • Active and participates in every War! Dedication is VERY important!
  • Filipino by blood or Filipino by heart.


  • All current members are crazy. Be prepared to become one.
  • English is the main language of PILIPINAS. Tagalog is used ‘some’ times.
  • 2 members are verified foreigners. Some are OFWs. Most are locals.
  • Strictly no humbug’s allowed.

We are on Facebook! If you are interested and wants to know more about PILIPINAS , join our Facebook group.

Come amd join us mga kapwa Pilipino! This alliance is so nice. :slight_smile:

sige pag mataas na level ko  :wink:

Pasali din pag lakas ko.

Join us and you’ll never regret joining the alliance.




UPDATE : We are currently first! Check out the photos.


add me man, 50k gold every day, and ready 4 so much boost during war I am active in the chat and in all my alliance they like me. I think I’m level 57, I hope it’s good enough

GYARADOSmadness is my kings name


I checked, you are a member of another alliance. If you’re truly interested, send an application on our alliance. Thank you.


Sure man. We’ll be waiting. :grinning:

The next war season is soon to start. Join us conquering the world!

mabuhay kayo! galingan niyo lagi! :slight_smile:

matataas kase level nyo di pako makakasabay.

Ign: mojics

level 66

donate 50k planning to upgrade

target ko atleast 70 mag apply ako

eto current stats ko:


Level 87

4750 trophies

500k donation


lipat ako sa inyo in the future :slight_smile:

Lakas mo pader… gusto ko din lipat mas ok pag puro pinoy


Currently, Level 66 din ang pinaka-lowest sa amin. Foreigner sya. Pwede ka sa alliance anytime you want.


The alliance was dominated by Filipinos local and abroad. Na-add lang yung foreigners kasi kulang ang Pinoy na mahanap namin.