Pin mark islands in War

Instead of taking Screenshots and/or explain our members which islands to attack, could we have a tool that simply marks the island(s) our members should attack? 

A number, a letter, a text, a pin, anything to distinguish the islands apart. 



I’ve already seen at least one Post in this category that makes the same suggestion.

Frankly, I’m surprised that this capability has not been put in place when ‘Alliance Wars’ was first rolled out! Giving the General/Officers of an Alliance some way to visually tag/designate/ highlight a single Island, so to help that Alliance rank-and-file  know when and where to attack, is just a painfully obvious suggestion.

Every single Alliance would find no end to the usefulness of such an improvement.

For the Love of Me - Please make this Happen ASAP Please. :grinning:

Yes please. So we don’t have to do that kind of drawings ever again…




I have one suggestion that I think would be great for alliances who don’t have effective communication tools to use as a platform.

What about adding a beacon or some sort of marker that leaders can place on the War map to show what is a priority Island or objective.

I say this because I have problems with members attacking islands that aren’ important at the time. And end up losing a island because they wasted an attack on a 14h island and not a 1h left island.

This would  allow for leaders to at least guide alliance members. 

Just a thought, may have Been brought up. But it would be cool.

I havent seen this idea before, which kinda makes me wonder why such elegant mechanism havent ever come to my mind. Anyway, love the proposal, hope the devs would too

That’s an awesome idea. We have same issue. Even if I keep posting on the chat(which isn’t really a good chatroom), people tend to not see it lol

Thanks for sharing my view on the topic??

Same thoughts with you. 

Good idea… Reading skills are overrated nowadays, who knows how to read anyway, and what is the use?! :wink:

This was suggested by Kort about this time last year. And it wasn’t implemented. 

It was a very logical suggestion and may help commanding easier, i am upset to hear,  it must be implemented… 

As @dumpster mentioned, this is a good idea, and was already suggested. It is already on our shortlist, and we would very much like to implement a similar system, though perhaps a little more robust. As with all War features, it is under discussion for a future version.