Pitiful manner !

Let’s See where do i start? I stayed in a box for 3 days with My Group of 10 players against only 1 enemies? Really 1vs10 for 3 days? But how disgusting is this? I have tower lvl 2 build in the Wood And enemies have destroyed It with 2 players? Ahah really? For me 1vs10 in Wood the game as me 60 Skulls for Win supreme While for enemies against My tower lvl 2 in Wood as only 12k Skulls 1vs10. ? Ahah ok flare i stop the fight .its had inadmissible to lode other players !

It is important to build towers at sites that have higher defence attributes. Also it is important when jumping around and you see nearby enemy not to use sites like grass field with lower defence stats. 

  • Flare should make as well if 1:5 or over that skull bonus goes from 150% to 250% and that should solve problem with excessive players blockage.


Im stop in that territory from 3 days because i need 60k for supreme Win …in e use 7 players for Win against 1 player …this is fun for u?


Do you assign troops to your players? Those are very important factor in the formula. If you don’t, then you have your reason. Dependinf on terrain type, troops from both offenders and defenders matter in the outcome.

If you for example have no assigned troops, then you need a very high amount of skulls to achieve SV, difference in amount of skulls are important.

Also research can be important. For example +1 attack rate doubles the troops in the formula for the attacker and +1 defense rate will double the amount of troops in the formula.

Madlen did give the formula on this forum, try to read this 

it might help you to understand what is going on.


They are 5 generals with 350 troops everyone against 1 player with 400 troops ! I know how play The game i play this game from 4 years … 

Maybe he is the attacker so double troups, still 800 now, but the thing is made that it is nearly impossible to achieve SV in the first few minutes 

Something wrong with this conquest season.

It happens as well with my team that 1 player blocked 5-9 players for more than 5h. Supreme victory was just too high for us.

Flare should make skull bonus higher than 150% maybe 200-250% when ratio is 1:7

It depends. Research has +1 attack rate offenders. It makes a huge difference being raider or defender in that case. To make it worse, this could be researched several times. So say you raid with x troops and did research this +1 attack rate, then it looks like 2*x troops when you attack and x when you defend. That makes a world of difference.

Say the raider has 400 troops, due to this research it becomes 800. The 5 players with each 350 troops have 1750 in total. It is a huge difference needing to beat 800 troops instead of 400. And when you are pinned after a win, you definitely lost some troops if the opponent also did fight. When terrain is also in advantage of offender, then it can take a while to beat a single person .

That way as offender, you can pin multiple players for hours while in normal situations you beat a player pretty fast. 

What should be done is remove +1 attack/defense from research tree. Those researches have too much impact on outcome of wars. With +1 defense just be smart and defend, with +1 attack be the raider.

I think they have the research based on the map. +1 attack is fine with lots of forest hexes, just as +1 defence is fine with lots of desert hexes. It ends up with reasonably even overall modifiers. Yes, +1 attack sucks if you’re defending a plains hex. Live and learn.