PL Tiers need to be severely reworked!

Look at this current PL! The top player has over 2k points and yet he only receives 6k crystals and 4 chests from his tier! 

Hope for him he don’t plan to buy Nemesis or try to give Nemesis to his team :lol: he need to do it like 50 times in a row. Hope he have the Pro tickets already stocked. I agree reach number 1 and only 6K its not worth it. If you give 15k or 20k maybe.

Same reach top 50 don’t worth it. Better do Conquest and open the Pro chest. its more rewarding this way and more easy. Maybe the reason I will never do PL

Oh! This is awful lol. So if you get 2013 points you get 4 chests and 6k crystals, but if you get 88 points higher, you get 6 more chests and 9k more crystals (10 chests and 15k crystals overall)…makes sense. Lol, good grief

Screenshot (136).jpg

Oh and it’s another low lvl super pro, genius level, highly gifted player scoring really high in the PL.

I’m shocked. ?

And there’s some more lvl50 of these dudes in the top10.

They just started the game like a month ago, but their divine gift for playing PL is already evident. ?



*Cof Cof*  :rolleyes:


Last day of the pro league, really only two chests for 94th place?

I prefer to abolish pro tiers and to assign rewards instead according to ranking.

Please no! This is the way the rewards system was when the pl first came out. It was terrible! You basically only got good rewards when you got in the top 100. Tiers is a much better system, they just need to be buffed a little 


I got rank 67 this PL (Tower Madness Cup) and only got 2 pro chests (Worse than what I would’ve gotten using the old system of ranking). Flare is getting more and more inaccurate in determining the tiers lol

@FilipeJSL I think this is the topic you were looking for

This time rewards according to pro tiers are worse than according to ranking. I’m sorry for other other players, Flaregames and Keenflare, but I never liked pro tiers. Moreover, ninja/zombie/yeti events are less selective than before.

How is posible to have over 2K score ??? Only cheating