Planned Live Server Update today or tomorrow

Warriors of the Olymp?,

I just wanted to give you a heads up that we will perform a server update either later today, or tomorrow, to address some issues that were reported to us in the forums.

We will be tweaking the Trophy system, hopefully, to reduce the feeling of being bombarded by attacks when you reach a certain threshold and we will also be making it possible to attack players of a higher level if you have a lot of Trophies.

Furthermore, we will be increasing the bonus strength that items get from forging them by dismantling items with 2 or more stars.

I will publish the complete patch notes once the live server update was performed.

May the blessings of Zeus be with you!



Hello guys,

During testing, we have found some issues that need some fixing. Zeus got really mad and there is lightning and thunder here everywhere, so we have to clean up his mess now and unfortunately, this Live Server Update will be postponed. I will keep you in the loop about it!

We are sorry for having to postpone it and apologize for the inconvenience.