Planning Diagram for Hero Builds

Made this so I could draw out my forge plans. Thought others might want to do the same.


Okay. New and improved version, sized to fit on regular printer paper. Two pages, builds for all heroes.

I have this as a PDF if you want to hit me up on Line.


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Sorry, but I never really have any idea what you are talking about.

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I will say laying all 360 item perks out like this has helped immensely. If for no other reason, now I can quickly scroll through my items for dismantles without worrying that I am rolling up something I need or leaving a pile of unneeded duplicates around. My inventory is cleaner and leaner than ever now.

So let me see if I can understand what you just said. At first you exported all inventory data into a selection pool… how selection works I cannot see here. Maybe with a video I will be enlighted. And a Horadric Cube is the best innovation of all times for manufacturing weapons within a game. Has been used first time in Diablo 2 Expansion. And our in game attributes given to the opponent units are same important as heroes attributes. No need to understand sometimes if you just see more than your own gameplay all the times.