Plate size?

whats the plate size? (range)

i agree


+/- 5

I think it might be about tile range (tile on a base) but that’s a guess

5.0 is the correct answer then  :grinning:


8 inches? 

Maybe it’s better to ask in your native language. Someone will surely understand and give you the answer.

He may have used google translate, so…we all know that darn Google Translate, it always gets things wrong :lol: 

My “plate” is well over 8 inches.  Unless you are talking “girth.”  :slight_smile:

We know on this forum is English but sometime better to use your own language. Someone will answer you with your own language.Google Translate is far the best tools on earth and can transform something simple in weird stuff like this. For me a plate its more a armor you gain in a role gaming game. Armor size can be light for class like Archer or Rogue, Medium for Assassins,Clerics or Mage and Heavy like Full Plate for warrior and knight,etc…

in RR2 no idea what plate are sorry but like the others I think its tiles he wanted to say