Platform balance - Jona?

Flare, what is the update on balancing the leagues between different platforms?


  1. Will Windows players get their own leagues?
  2. Will we have the option to buy food at a lower gem cost (<10 gems to refill silo) than Android?
  3. Will you offer us an alternative way of getting free food?


Please give us some feedback ASAP. Honestly, I want to make more real money purchases in this game (like other alliances, even help other players build up their alliance towers by getting them gift cards to spend on the game), and all I/we are asking is to give us Windows players a level playing field. But I’m not going to buy gems if members of my alliance work hard at getting a lead in a league just to watch it disappear because another player gets to raid 15-20 times in a row when we can only manage 8. It’s hugely frustrating for me and for them.


Please update us with what changes are anticipated in the update. its a long time playing in league for the same reward 375gems every time.plz give us some new rewards like my suggestion in this post numbere#372.

I thought they removed the free food option:/

Windows phone user too. TAPJOY is unfair.