Platform Disparity

Yesterday I went to visit a friend, her son plays RR2 on an Ipad. I watched as he ran out of food, refilled his silo three times by watching videos and making raids, he also added a few extra gems by watching tapjoy videos. Sat right next to him I also ran out of food, had an option to watch a video, did so and … nothing happened went back to the attack screen, then when I retried there were no more offers! I also went to tapjoy, watched a video, it finished … no gems! My question is RR geared more towards iOS than any other platform, I have only once ever managed to get food from watching a video on my android device, although I have managed to collect a few gems watching them on tapjoy. It can’t be country oriented as I was sat next to someone as this happened. So maybe there is a hierarchy in terms of RR2 users iOS, then Android and finally windows users, as we all seem to be treated differently.

There can be a number of reasons why you experienced this. I cannot say much without knowing the details of this incident.


However, I can say with certainty that there is no “hierarchy” for the platforms that Royal Revolt 2 is published on.


We strive to make all features available and identical in all versions of the game.


Differences are often the result of the OS itself and thus beyond our control.


For example, Windows does not support the necessary features to implement the food for video function there.





tho knowing windows doesnt support this function flare released tapjoy and the videos for food to the other OS’s, and have not added anything that windows can do. or even altering a small win % in the chamber to increase windows users chances of “winning” something. we just get a “hey sorry we cant make more money off of you through ads you will just have to pay more cash to have the same comparable experience in the game as the other OS’s”


its been a long debated issue for months and flare has made no efforts to help windows players, lol even after they botched their update and took windows players offline for 3 days, they only “reopened” a sale to them, 3 days of food, loot, and possible gem income in chamber, and build time for works many already payed money for(who sat idle). tho gem cost to effectively catch up that time frame would be very high. even when i submitted a ticket they gave me only 1200 gems… wth was i going to do with 1200 gems… spend up a single building?


i feel its like parents who have 3 kids they dont want to say it but they have a favorite child and a lil hellion they have thought long about putting up for adoption(windows)

i know that feeling bro… eager of money that must be cured … thats what flare is feeling in this moment…      Ã˜ 

My Android ads work fine. I had earned both the 3rd spell slot and the 3rd units slot in my first week of playing with ads. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t like tapjoy at all… I tried it a few times in the past, for curiosity and one time to try and get some additional gems for buying a certain item…

I barely got any videos, and most other offers were either like “install that crappy, ugly 50/100/200MB app with tons of unnecessary permissions that are used for I don’t even want to know what, spend like 5-10minutes on that app to download additional files, finish some kind of tutorial or whatnot to get the reward (and mostly a lot of guesswork about “when is the task done?”, as no notification or whatever pops up after fulfilling the requirements of a certain tapjoy task), and then deinstall it again” for like 5 or 10 gems, or some epic amounts of gems for offers that include buying some stuff with real money or giving away email, phone and credit card numbers and whatnot for unclear reasons -  didn’t do those tasks lol.

So tapjoy (except in some countries maybe some exploitable tasks?) really not worth the effort at all… not much of a loss to not have it either lol…


About videos for food/gems (outside/separate from tapjoy): Those have been nerfed dramatically in reward (initially the gem-videos gave up to 7 or so gems per video, now 1 gem per video independent of its length, which on average also increased a lot), and there are tons of problems and bugs especially with free food videos (see bug forum threads…). Generally I try to avoid them to save me frustration and time…


Still, yes, they’re an unfair advantage over windows (especially for those people where they actually work properly), same about tapjoy (for those people that can and do use exploits there to get tons of gems)… one question is, if by now windows still has no way of recreating that functionality? I mean, when browsing the web, there are official sites describing ads on Win8, so some insight on what exactly doesn’t work would be appreciated.

You have to use tap joy effectivly. Doing it for 1-5 gems is not worth the time or effort. Using it for free 1000 gems. Now that is worth a few min IMO. 


Here is something I found and was able to make $5 on the deal plus get 2442 gems, This appears region based as well and only works in the usa as far as I can tell