Play daily (religiously lol) 1250+ almost level 60 (English Language)

Looking to join an active alliance. I play daily and donate everyday. I always donate insta-troops to those that need rather they be friends or in my current alliance. I am over 21 years of age and looking for a friendly, mature, active alliance. I do have discord to communicate, if the alliance has a private server. I also help those that are constantly attacked by a certain group, I will attack them religiously until I cant raid them anymore. :slight_smile: I can donate 75k a day, but that should change in a few days (Alliance tower is currently level 7).

Also, I have a family member that has been playing for almost 2 weeks that plays daily, I think shes level 40ish or higher. If its ok for her to join as well.

Just message me in game “RazWolffang” I’ll most likely respond within a few minutes. :slight_smile:

If you add me, please add me as friend. I would like to talk a little if thats ok


My Current Stats:

Health - 7,687 (Poison Shield 2544.3) (Fire Shield 1979)

Attack - 1,247 (Blunt Damage 357.5) (Ice Damage 190) (Fire Damage 127.2) (Poison Damage 125.3)

Battle Mastery - (Monk Damage 804.4)


Thanks, Looking forward to playing with you all!

Well hello there we are looking for members such as yourself we are Kingdom of Pain 66 our rules are simple: donate daily and participate in all alliance wars that’s it, your level and your alliance tower level doesn’t matter we all started out the same way. We are in need of members like yourself so come and find your forever home with us.

Hey RazWolffang, Alpha Guard is a great alliance! We are level 55, but are only a few short days from 56 and Mad Monks!! I have sent you a friend request as we are full at the moment. You look like a great player!!