play market

в play market игру тяжело найти если не знать ее название, возможно повысить там ее рейтинг чтоб появлялись новые игроки?..


To Respond: @miiha999, I’m not sure if this would do much. Just share the game with your friends and have them do the same with THEIR friends and so on

Flare doesn’t decide the rank that the play store uses and therefore can’t do much about it. 

Also, RR2 is already highly rated, like many other mobile MMOs. Competition is tough. It’s also not a very new game. 

As awesomest said, share the game yourself and so on.

I got an idea lets create alot of accounts and rate the game 5 star and the rating will get high but we should get paid in gems for rising the rating  :wink: