Play my android account from windows 8/10 version?

I found Royal Revolt II on Windows 8 (or 10) as a free download… I thought I could get my account synced so I can play it on windows as well (without bluestacks). However, when I go to the options menu within windows, I get a blue screen (light blue, not crash screen). and I can still move my mouse, but nothing else happens.


So I am wondering… are the game synced between multiple versions? If so, how can I get it to work from android -> windows.


Basically you can’t. I don’t think flare even like people using bluestacks. think of the exploits I know I can. You can only ask them politely to switch it for you. Although I would love to be able to sync between platforms, so I could get the benefits of android/videos etc and play on pc where it’s most fun for me.