Playback on Defense

I played a similar game Dragon Warlords, which allowed you to watch playback on Defense.  It was a great way to see your own weaknesses and improve your defenses.  I’d love to see Royal Revolt incorporate that into the game.

That would be a good addition, also it would be cool if we were able to record attacks when we turn on the option, that way we would share our ofense strategies with friends  :slight_smile:

So much yes to both of these ideas. Apple makes it so hard to download recording software without a computer, so I would really love either of these options! ^.^

Here’s an easy way to do it: Record the attacker’s clicks, and when each tower fell (in case the timing’s slightly off), and allow the game to simulate the rest. Much more-compact data! ^.^

It will be kind of hard to have a replay system… If you are dragging your finger on the screen, it is at least 30 commands per second, and that will be too much to be uploaded to the sever.

I like the record idea, you can save that locally, that should work. But have all that on the sever… the sever will go BOOOOM.

Since the commands are simple taps on a screen you can save the X and Y coordinates as 1 byte each plus a time stamp another byte.  Assuming you actually have 30 commands/second over 2.5 minutes.  You’re looking at: 30 commands/seconds * 60 seconds * 2.5 minutes * 3 bytes.  That’s 13.5 kilobytes.  That’s about the total data taken up by an icon.  To put it in perspective a song on Pandora is 3,500 kilobytes. And the best thing is since it’s play back it doesn’t even need to be sent real time.  This is less data than is transmitted in most emails!  So what I’m trying to say without any tact is: data is not a problem.

Great idea, I will add it to the improvements list.


  • Raids – Playback video for our raids against ourselves or other’s bases [user: Maerique]

Defense video playback is a pretty common feature in games like this. I would love for flare to add it.

i like this suggestion … and maybe back space for matchmaking also some times i have good loot and press next wrong

I would like to see me too so i can see where mostly player block themself in some points so i can change my path towers troops etc

With video playback we sure can see some cheat player too dont we?

Like previously some hacker on forum with paladin health 9999

What if he make paladin stronger just about 50% , sure we can find out in video playback and if flare can add report cheat icon on videoplayback?