Player/Alliance Sorting

Recruiting is substantially harder since the player population has decreased. Would it be possible to have a sorting option or filter for the following:

-By Player Activity level (# of hours per week or month)
-By Ascension level
-By Donation Level
-By Fame level (in 5k increments)
-By Trophy level (2k increments)
-By Reputation (see below note)

A major flaw is war dropouts or inactivity. As of now, there isn’t much punishment for these situations, other than not collecting higher war chests. Can we implement a reputation level per player, that shows how that account contributes? Maybe show average war contribution by VP, average attack rate, Average times of donations per week, and/or average ascension level attacked during wars? This would help clarify which players can be more effective for recruiting.

It would also be nice to have a recruiting tab with the aforementioned filters, separate of the player search option for trophies. Maybe this would help us who would like to toggle the invite on for recruiting.

It’s probably quite complicated for many stats, but I think the war activity one is very important/good. Maybe some sort of rank system/badge thing in the player info page would give a simple visual representation of activity during war.

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How would you like quantify war activity? Fury used/wasted? Time in game? Score?

I would say take a top % VPS of all gamers in OR top 10% get a platinum war badge, 10-20% gold, 20-30% silver, 30-40% bronze badge, maybe have past 5 wars showing the 5 colour badges.

Sure different islands give higher scores and lower leagues have easier opponents etc, there’s a lot of variations in ‘quality’ of platinum, silver etc, but you could undertsand a player from 3rd league with a platinum war badge had an easier time than a TL player with a platinum badge, all being equal.

Yeah, just going straight score definitely has some problems. You addressed some. Another one is that high score doesn’t always correlate with a player who follows orders or is reliably “active”. Garbage time scoring is given equal weight. Another problem is that scoring “badges” would correlate pretty strongly with level/trophy/leagu, which doesn’t really help solve the OPs problem.

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I suppose you could have the badges aligned per ascension group, so 140+, 120-140, 100-120, and divisions lower, that should show the quality better.

Or base it on something besides score. (Or besides just score)

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I do agree with you, but I just think of past examples which could’ve been implemented by the devs but weren’t. I think you suggested in the past many different factors for island matchmaking for one, but they just weren’t taken into account. War matchmaking I think was another…
So for the sake of trying to get something vaguely meaningful with the least possible work going into it, makes it more likely/possible to be implemented

It’s all kinda just talk because I doubt any kind of ranking like this will happen at this point. But yeah, agreed.

I gave multiple examples of metrics they could use, VP average being just one aspect. Averages of time on game, donations per week, maybe even a ratio of fury used to VP gained… the problem as of now is we can’t accurately gauge player value. I don’t have the answers to have a 100% effective system, but incorporating these averages into some type of reputation would be helpful. Here’s an example, my team recently picked up a player over 10k trophies, 140+ asc, and 350k donation limit… and he/she was totally inactive in wars. This could be mitigated by implementing a system to track player activity and value.

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That player could have been active a few weeks or months ago, though, and might have an inflated score which doesn’t represent how he is now. It’s a pretty complicated thing.

The kick and recruit cycle never really ends, though. Kick and recruit, kick and recruit.

Maybe then they can have the most current seasonal stats… not too sure. As of now, the trophy system and asc system is too ambiguous to rely on for steady recruitment

Yeah, trophy and level isn’t always a good gauge. Recruiting is one of the hardest things in the game. That’s why mergers are so popular. You know what you’re getting to an extent, and even then sometimes they don’t work.

that’s why chat in recruitment plays such an important role, where you ask questions to the player and get answers, just as it works in rr2

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maybe then an alliance history and number of forced kicks would be of interest… but this can also be abused maybe… so maybe just show this if a guy has more then X kicks?
edit: and maybe every e.g. 6 month the number of kicks is decremented by one s.t. it is not permanent …
maybe also for the number of alliances that player has been so we can see if one is on recruitment tour or is a hopper in general.

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maybe if at least e.g. X% of possible furs has been used (e.g. max possible minus 3-6 to give credits towards international time zones when war starts/finishes)?
also of interest would be a kind of input-output balance: how may VP have been made - the VP that has been taken from a player. it would be much more of interest where other alliances can make VP and would maybe also be a step towards not opening bases.

something like that has been asked for about a year ago (and maybe also before or inbetween): i did not check if i should still be that way… it was an idea that time ago

imho it would also be of interest if we could have at least kind of normalized and sorted progress bars / charts for defense structures, olympus structures, units, powers and also odyssey enhancements (seperatred w.r.t. defense structures, units (both also health/damage) and powers.
normalized towards actual level and what is possible atm in game.

but: ofc not seeable WHICH stats the player is levelling, just to see if he is doing all equally or not or if there is a kind of distribution. the sorting guarantees that the x-number is different to other players and not related to a specific

maybe also for GK and hero stats.

that way we could also see if a player with lower level is kind of a “wolve among sheeps” (which does not have to be negative) or which is much worse - if someone is maybe taking a lower level as an excuse for not scoring on a 2nd acc. or if a lvl148+ has bad defense stats just bc he wants to give easy VP towards the enemy.

furthermore experienced players maybe could give better help to someone that might need it.

something like e.g. (just fantasy numbers)

Better recruitment searching is something I have been pushing for within the team for a while, but is a little more complicated than it appears. It is still at the top of the priority list, so hopefully we can get it into a version in the near future. I’ve added this thread to the discussion board.

Closing to free up votes.

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