Player connected/disconnected

I’ve been to a larger and more active alliance recently and what really bugged me was chat being filled with “so-and-so connected. whatshisname connected. thatguy disconnected.” untill chat buffer ran out and you couldn’t see any actual chat from an hour ago. Why is this message even there when there’s a list of alliance members beside of chat and has online indicators! If it must be there it could be less persistent, like flash for 5 seconds and disappear, why fill chat with irrelevant messages.

Since we’re at it, I’d point out the annoying chat freezing the game for 3 seconds whenever someone connects/disconnects. Don’t know if it’s a platform issue (I use a Lumia) or connection speed (3G) or slow servers, but it’s really annoying. I know it’s related to game accessing player database but have no idea why it must be this slow and clunky. Is it like this for everyone or just me?

Could be either one, it’s not a problem that I’ve seen or heard of. I suspect it’s the 3g connection, it’s much slower than 4g and especially against LTE. 

I agree though, I don’t much care for the connect/disconnect messages since now you can look at the side and see who’s on. It was slightly more useful when that want there before the implementation of insta troops

Yeah but a player name, rank and a bunch of other small info shouldn’t require such bandwiths. It ain’t 1080p video.

But it’d take more feedback from people with slow internet (well, slow… 30 Mbps or so isn’t all that slow) and/or weak devices to figure out the cause. Especially that you say it doesn’t happen to you.

If you’re getting 30 mbps on cellular youre probably using LTE. Does it happen on wifi?

The only wifi I have access to is half a megabit so sure as hell ain’t gonna do better. Gonna have to check when I have access to a faster one.

Gonna need to check my actual connection speed sometime, while I’m at it… has an app that you can test on. It does use a few megabytes of data though for each run, so use it sparingly. Works on wifi too