Player currently online message - Improvements

Great features!!

Need to mention that when i search for player who are not online, sometimes, when I press the attack button, i got this message: Failed to attack because the opponent is currently online.

I hope this problem will be fixed + no offers problem for windows 10 too ?

Sometimes you get that message, when the player is already under attack. 

Thanks Dena4

It should say that in the message instead then.

If a player is offline (under attack or whatever) the message shouldn’t say he is online.

Yeah, this confuses a ton of players. If you see that message you won’t come back in 2 minutes and attack cause you think he’s online. Having a separate message would definitely be helpful to all players

It’s a known issue already for a long time. Especially when trying to raid players without an alliance. When the message is that a player is under siege however, some keep trying till the raid is over. The player who actually did raid him can raid immediately again, leading to longer waiting time even. And then when you can raid, the one reacting fasted will be able to raid and lead to same message again. 

Anyway, you get my point. 

I agree the message should be different, but there can be a long waiting line also due to this, when multiple players keep trying to raid same player.

Yeah, sometimes I have to wait 5-10 minutes to raid an open base due to bad timing on when I click the attack button lol. It’s almost as bad as Los Angeles traffic when so many players are attacking the same base


Hey guys, this is off-topic. I will move this to ideas/feature requests.

Hi guys, there are currently no plans to change this. Thank you for bringing it up though.