Player gets kicked from game after over 1 year of inactivity

krulestwo lorda kacz, that’s name of the player that was removed from the game. Now this funny story goes along with the topic of the whole, “bullying players” thing. When I first came into the game, he was the first player that attacked me. He attacked me quite often, at least 6 times every day, until finally I said, “you know what, I’m gonna friend him!” So, I tried to talk to him, but he did not know English and I had just no idea what language he spoke. So, to get him back for attacking me, I attacked him and his alliance over 20 times per day :lol:. It got to him and he never attacked me again. Now, just today I went to my friends list, because I was gonna look at the chat and go back to a message I sent a year ago that said “Haha, you have put your alliance to doom. I’ve attacked them 20 times, and that’s just today” :lol: :wink: . But, the player has sadly been removed from the game. Best of luck to you, wherever you are, krulestwo!

Just a side note, krulestwo lorda kacz (after long research, aka, going to Google Translate) means Lord Cook’s Crack…so yeah :lol: 

This has been story time with AwesomestKnightest

The name would actually translate to Ducklord’s Kingdem (because he either didn’t know how to spell or decided to write phonetically - it’s spelled “królestwo”). I’m wondering if he ran out of namespace cos it seems kinda cut off…

Funnily enough, just the other day I had the idea to check if my first alliance is still searchable, but I got distracted and forgot. Gotta see next time I’m in the game.

But back to Awesomest’s story timest. Er…

There were 3 guys that I (very recently) used to keep attacking, too.(I use up the 3 attacks per hour per person quota pretty much every time I logged in)

not trying to annoy them, I was purely grinding gold, they just kept producing lots of gold and tended not to stay online for long :wink:

and all 3 of them were (still are) in the same alliance

When doing so i was often thinking of that famous, hilarious poster that was made for ‘that guy’ that kept attacking ppl in the same alliance, not sure if u know what I’m referring to.

anyway, they ended up adding me as friend/inviting me to join their alliance :slight_smile:

i am now a good friend with one of them and we chat quite often

By the way I don’t think that player got kicked solely due to inactivity, probably he deleted the game without connecting to Facebook beforehand.

reason being that, I created an account and linked it to FB when rr2 was first introduced (I was in high school then), and I remember playing only for ~10 minutes maybe, then deleted it as I felt it was too much of a PTW game.

then comes mid January this year I was missing rr the original game so much I tried to re-download it only to find it not available anymore.

So when I came back to rr2 I thought maybe they deleted my account info as it was ages ago that I played it (and didn’t pay anything :slight_smile: ) but was surprised to see the game asking me whether I’d like to use my saved game data after I connected FB to the game :slight_smile:

Whoa! He just appeared back on my list. He was gone for 2 days, but now has turned back up to inactivity lol


It’s a miracle! Maybe he will come back to the game :stuck_out_tongue:  

Yeah, totally a different game now. Nothing of the sort. :stuck_out_tongue:

He probably was still on your friend’s list but got lost among all your other friends :slight_smile: I’m quite sure it was just a kid who  got bored and didn’t even know how to spell “królestwo” properly :open_mouth: :slightly_frowning_face:

kacz … Kaczyńskiego :stuck_out_tongue:
 only this comes to my mind