Player inactive and lost my Leader role (?)

I have a toon in I.C.E. to hold the leadership role. My phone broke and I will have it replaced soon. I am livid at the moment. I check the alliance searching for it in the Alliance Leaderboards. I see that my toon is inactive and I was demoted to General and some random person (with the highest trophy count) was made the Leader.


I have spent quite a few gems (money) and gold on this alliance. How do I get my alliance back???

Contact support =)

…and good luck, you’re going to need it. Luck, and a lot of patience.

How could Flaregames give my alliance to somebody else? I have spent a bit of time and money on building it up. I am flabbergasted! I mean, really, why would they have this setup???

I think it is logical.If the leader will leave the game forever - Alliance quickly disappear. (generals are not able to do for a long time to manage the alliance)But many players are investing in their alliance coins and real money. It would be unfair to them.



I feel your pain.


Having said that in one of our alliances, the leader has gone MIA. now for at least 3 weeks.

We can’t reach him via any of the multiple historical communication channels.

To this day, we are worried about his health and well being.


From a game perspective, we were relieved when he was flagged inactive and the leadership was passed on to a general.

Have you tried talking to your general. I assume so.


Here is an idea. Good leaders in the game are highly sought after. it is a very hard and selfless job.

You seem like a fairly dynamic and social player. There probably is an alliance looking for a good leader right now.

I.C.E is fairly low level. You can probably find a higher level one that needs your skills and energy.


Good luck!


Knight Gallant

That is stand up advice and thank you for it. I.C.E. Is a testing ground beforw moving to illuminati5. I submitted a ticket to Flaregames. We will see how that goes. From what I see in other post, Flaregames will reinstate my other toon as the leader.

Start an alternate account, just to lead your secondary alliance.

Thank you for the idea!

I have another toom in the alliance asking the current leader for the alliance leader position. This other account was the leader before the account on the broken phone was made leader but built him up enough to move over to illuminati5. I moved this other toon back to I.C.E. And started requesting leader but the current leader will not give it back or does not read chat (like a lot of other people).

I know your pain. We’ve temporarily lost Angelic this way )=