Player looks like he is in two alliances

We hawe player on our list of players (Alliance is Croatia) but when anyone from alliance click on “i” button there says that player is in Sacrum Imper Romanum and if we want to attack him, game asks bread like player is not in alliance. We can’t kick him out and we can’t get any other player because this player is on our list of players. If you can look into this then find player Viet Nam… (I didn’t write exact name).

Put his ign and screenshots. 

Please read IGN from screenshot because I can’t find right lettersmon my phone


He ocuupies our slot in team but he is not in our team

And we can’t kick him (because he is not in our team ?) 

But he can recieve our insta troops ?

you can try having him re-enter your alliance and then leave again.  

that used to be the quick fix, otherwise you would have to wait for support.  did you submit a ticket to flare as well?

if no ticket to flare, highly advise you submit one right away.  

Ticket to flare? I didn’t do it and don’t know how.

Here you go:

Try to describe the issue as best as you can, while showing some screenshots for evidence.